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Share Market Returns A share market is a place where shares either issued or traded in. A stock market is similar to a share market. The key difference is that a stock market helps you trade financial instruments like bonds mutual funds derivatives as well as shares of companies. A share market only allows trading of shares. Stocks or shares are a form of investment.

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The share market is all about shares issued by companies for raising funds from general investors. These funds are either used by the government or by companies for expansion of business. Investors in the share market are entitled to the companys profit of which they hold shares. In the true sense investing does not bring with it predetermined rules enabling everyone mint money with no break When there are no rules there are no guarantees to profits either. A stock or a share means the share in the ownership of a company including its assets or earnings. The company gives such an ownership because it needs money to meet its costs or to expand its business.

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