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The Grotto Chapel at the Priory of the R.O.S.E. Grotto meets 7 / 365 at We are a fully Ecumenical, fully Multi-faith, fully Inter-path group of people who have seen Miracles, and have succeeded where "big-Religion" and "big--Government" has failed, we just get along, we accept, and we LOVE. Period. Join us!


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Daily Reflection and Prayer Circle : 

Daily Reflection and Prayer Circle 1pm PT | 2pm MT | 3pm CT | 4pm ET

Invocation month of JULY (06/27-07/31/2010)© Noreen Jameson 2010 : 

Invocation month of JULY (06/27-07/31/2010)© Noreen Jameson 2010 As we gather for the month of JulyBlessed Godde, we know you arealways with and in each and every one of us, yet we do ask your Presencehere in our Sacred Circle of prayer,reflection and contemplation.Our Intention is clear, we conciselystate our wants, needs and desires;for ourselves, for one another, andespecially for our Home, the Planetyou entrusted into our care.Send your Angels, dear Godde,to Seal Blessings upon ourMother Earth.May the suffering caused byour own errors be lessened.May disasters caused by our owngreed end NOW as we recognizethe Lesson learned. As always, we seek Peace.We seek an end to poverty.We seek an end to suffering.We seek prosperity, abundance,health and hope for all,And we claim it to be so.We release all negativity,We see the Shift approaching,We seek to serve the Highest Goodof all concerned.As above, so below.As within, so without.We now reflect and contemplateour individual One.................................Amen.  So be it.  And so it is.Blessed Be.  Alleluia.  Halleluia.

June 20, 2010 ~ Long-term via Paul Westmerland : 

June 20, 2010 ~ Long-term via Paul Westmerland Invocation.I call upon the Company of Heaven,Nature Intelligence and Mother Earth,The Dolphins and Whales, and all Sea Beings of the Light,To assist in calming the oceans of the this world,To assist in stopping the "bleeding of Grandmother Earth",To assist all the sea creatures who have experienced distress,And to stabilize the Ocean beds of the Earth plane,Primarily in the Gulf of Mexico.I connect through the Unity Grid of Light,The crystalline grid of Light within and around this earth plane,To all the Light workers and Beings of Light along this grid.I assist through the Flame of unconditional Love,In creating a vortex of Light within and around this area.I bring through the Pink Flame of Love, The Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness and transformation,And the White Light of the Christed One.I am the Heartbeat of this Earth,One with Mother Earth,One with all Life.I trust and surrender to all that Is,Knowing the difference that I make as part of this Collective of Light.I Am WisdomI Am LightAnd I Am Love.I Am the magnificence of Creation through Service in Love,Bringing about changes to this Earth plane,For all Life to live in harmony, peace, abundance, Love and through the Grace of Mother/Father God.Mother Earth Oil Spill Invocation For Mother Earth by Anrita Melchizedek Music by Mike Hammer/Yahoel Creative production by Adele Selina.

Prayer for the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster ©2010 T.Helton : 

Prayer for the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster ©2010 T.Helton Blessed Divine Parents A disaster has occurred in the waters of our Planet which is endangering Mother Earth and her children.   Regardless of the source or the reasons, we pray and send energies of healing, containment, restoration and cleansing.   We pray that all who are engaged and who will be engaged in the clean-up and restoration be protected from any an all harm.   Bless the wildlife with protection from this deadly threat. Bless the hands who are gently caring for these creatures as we speak. Let us not waste precious time bickering about how it happened or who is to blame, but rather send energy toward rescue and containment.   Let us recognize that though we may not be able to physically be present to help, we are not powerless to help if we send energy through out continued prayers.   We love you Divine Lady and Lord Godde, Our Divine Parents. We're sorry, Please forgive us, thank you, we love you.   In Love and Light, So Mote It Be.

Blessing for Tennessee ©2010 T.Helton : 

Blessing for Tennessee ©2010 T.Helton Blessed Godde,Our Divine Parents,We request your presence in our circle of prayeron behalf of those who have beeneffected by this devastating flood.   May those who are assisting be safe.May all who have lostexperience recovery or restorationof that which was lost.May those who are grieving the loss ofloved ones, feel our loving comfort. May all bureaucratic red tapebe cut and speedy assistancecome to help in the recoveryand clean-up.   Those of us who are unable tophysically help offer our continuedprayers and healing energy to thissituation.   Continually praying for a completeand swift recovery from this flood,and for clear skies, and swift assistance. Iwe express our gratitude for your presence,And it is so,Amen.

Prayer for Oklahoma & Kansas ©2010 N. Jameson : 

Prayer for Oklahoma & Kansas ©2010 N. Jameson Divine Parents, Blessed Godde,Our sacred circle of prayerasks your presence aswe gather to pray for theregion suffering devastationfrom deadly tornadoes.Loss of life -- take them HOME,dear Godde, and soothe thosewho mourn.Loss of property -- help themrealize their remaining blessings,and may restoration be swift. Grant all swift recovery.  Blessthose who aid, keep all withinyou holy embrace.May aid come from all directions,arriving upon the wings of Angels.Continual prayers and lovingand healing energies come fromthose who cannot physically assist.And may monetary aid be givenby those who can.Amen.  And so it is.  Blessed Be.So mote it be.

Perpetual Prayer and Energy List : 

Perpetual Prayer and Energy List •    Ourselves and loved ones •    Mother Earth •    PEACE •    All World Leaders •    All who need healing •    The abused, the ill, the oppressed •    Caretakers, Health-workers •    The physically and/or emotionally challenged •    Loss and mourning •    Social Injustice •    Family strife •    Victims of ALL disasters •    Homeless •    Financial difficulties, poverty and hunger •    The Unemployed  and the UNDER-employed •    Animal Suffering  •    Veterans •    Military, all branches •    Military families (separated by  Duty) •    Victims of war •    All Orphans •    All children •    All Elderly •    Appreciation, Gratitude •    Forgiveness, Forgiving •    Travelers •    First Peoples •    All who walk in fear and darkness •    All who walk in light and peace •    Those who wish to inflict Harm

Permanent Prayer and Energy List : 

Permanent Prayer and Energy List ALL members and their extended families Leonard Peltier, unjust imprisonment Edith & Arthur Bell, Eniko Jonas, Paul W. & Family, Benedict William Westmerland Roy and Joyce  Teri and Gary Lana and David Nan Leppard, disabled, aid in renovating home & monetary issues Marylynn, and family. Rob H's sister Debbie, age 43 who has cancer. ALL former members and their extended families Fifty's son, cancer battle Gaia MoonShadow's family Don and Noreen

Long-term : 

Long-term Please continue prayers for the Monastery in tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh , which has been completely destroyed. Your help is needed.   Paul Westmerland: Could you please add my Mother - Norma ArrigoniePlus all family and friends of my step-father Tony ArrigonieMay he Rest in Peace and all Hearts be HealedThank=YouThank+YouThank**You Julie Soule Please remember to keep my precious mother and family in your prayers. This is a very tough time and it's very scary for my mother. She is still in treatment and will be until October/November unless her body says no more before then. We love and appreciate each of you always! XOXOXOX! Katrina, requested by Alec: Please, if you will, put out some positive energy her way -- we are engaged in some serious spiritual warfare the last number of years, and it seems to be coming to a head.  UPDATE 11/01 There are court and trial issues, please keep on long-term list.

01/15/10 : 

01/15/10 Requested by Donna, via Alec G:   "My Sister Deb has Proferia which she has had a long time. The thing is she is not doing to good now a days. She is very sick and has lost a huge amount of weight according to one of my brother's. Maybe you can put my sister on your prayer list that she could get control of this rare disease."       (long-term)

01/24/10 : 

01/24/10 LONG-term requested by Jane: Alicia Havan is a cancer mom. Her baby girl is about to have brain surgery that will cripple her for life. Avalon needs a miracle, please say a prayer for her. - this request came from Kelli Bosarge in Facebook (one of my really good friends).     Permanent, requested by Jane: I need to add Kelli Bosarge to our list. A heart as big as the universe, Kelli suffers from Hypokalemic periodic paralysis, along with several other complications. Kelli endures more pain than any one of us will have in an individual lifetime, on a daily basis, and still does good in her community every day. she's in MY list all the time. she needs more than I can help her with.

01/30/10 : 

01/30/10 Request via Jane W:   Faith, a beloved wife and mother   Faith is a friend of a friend. She has suffered from a brain aneurysm and is now on a respirator. Mother of three darling children (all under the age of 7), Faith has suffered some severe bleeding in her brain; the doctors are not sure if she'll make it through recovery.

02/09/10 : 

02/09/10 Debra R. Masters  asks for Prayer for her Dad - Jim - he is in the hospital in Las Vegas with CHF and COPD. He is 79 (will be 80 in July) and has been battling this for awhile now.. 02/13/10 Long-Term Please add Judith Stokely to the prayer list (Long Term). Judith was believed to have suffered a stroke, but the doctors now think it may be West Nile Virus and they are transferring her to a hospital in Texas. Judith is in her 50's. Please send Prayers, Love, Reiki, and positive energy to Judith and comfort/ positive energy and love her husband and children.Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

02/27/10 : 

02/27/10 Leslie Benton's mom is back in the hospital. The people of Chile following the 8.8 Earthquake.  Also include ALL those affected by the devastating after-effects (ie:  tsunami's, etc..)Pray also, for those going to help/assist! 03/04/10 03/04/2010 -- from Lauri Bradway (aka DJ Raven)Steve's mother broke her leg in a Skiing accident. Send healing energies and prayers...thank you

03/20/10 : 

03/20/10 Via Julie S: Prayer request, long term, for Faye, who is undergoing a second bout of cancer without insurance.  Faye is 36 years old and has children.... Long-term

03/23/10 : 

03/23/10 Pam S, for her husband, Larry: We have been very fortunate all these years, my husband Larry has only been out of work for 3 months until about a month ago. He will be so thankful when the job comes as he needs it for his own self work. We will be so thankful that we are able to keep our bills paid and have some funds to enjoy the extra's in life with family and friends.Thank you very, very much. I hope this is short term!

03/30/10 : 

03/30/10 It's been awhile since I have left a message to the prayer group. I want to thank each and everyone for all of the love and pray that has been given to the Divine.I would also ask for the group to continue to remember my Girlfriend "Sandy" in your prayers. She and brother are still having issues about their parents Estate.Sandy wants to settle, but her brother doesn't and refuses to follow his parents wishes in their will.Namusta:Phil WhittPS: I want to thank everyone for the prayers sent for me too. I am doing well, and can not complain. I am grounded in my life, and live in my truth.   ---- From Julie Soule:   I need prayer, angels and positive energy for my brother Darryl. Please take just a moment. Thank you

04/06/10 : 

04/06/10 via Pam Sauer: I'm asking that you pray for my friend Chris Meade, she is going through chemo for several months and can use our on-going prayers. She is making the best of a not so plesant situation as is her style. Thanks all for your prayers and positive energy.

04/07/10 : 

04/07/10 via Teri H -- update re:  Judith Stokely   Judith is home now and doing better. She is still having seizures. Doctors still don't know why. Thank you for your continuing prayers and energy.   (long-term)

04/09/10 : 

04/09/10 from Gaia Vacek:"One of my dearest friends and client just called to tell me that her son and his three children were in a major car accident yesterday outside of Fresno. The youngest is in a coma and the others are in cricital condition. They were ejected from the car and have massive and shattered bones - almost their entire skeletal structure."andvia Noreen, via my friend Christie C:Please pray and send healing energy to my friend, Patricia. 04/10/10 prayers going out to the last four families in-re the WV mining accident, and to the people of Poland who have lost President Lech, his wife, and many many souls in a plane accident in Russia...

04/15/10 : 

04/15/10 Prayers going out to China and Iceland, in-re the earthquake(s) and volcano eruptions respectively. Prayer also for Ange Cartee, aka Raven Angel Heart, who's med exam indicated something on her liver that may or may not be cancerous.

04/29/10 : 

04/29/10 Judith Stokely (update via Teri H)   Doctors found a small malignant tumor in Judith's brain. She is undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. Thank You for you continuing prayers!

May, 2010 : 

May, 2010 Prayers, positive and healing energies requested for the state of Tennessee... this is a 100 year flood.... please.... We continue to hold the Gulf Coast region in prayer and positive energy in-re the Oil Spill Disaster. Prayers and blessings for Oklahoma & Kansas -- southern plains -- southwest USA following devastating tornadoes.

May 27,2010 : 

May 27,2010 Via:  Teri H;  Wife and Family of Daniel Hogan   My eldest brother, Daniel, passed away last night. Please send prayers of comfort and loving energy to his wife and family. My deepest thanks to each of you. (Teri, you have our deepest sympathy as well regarding the loss of your brother)

July 3, 2010 : 

July 3, 2010 "Keep Hannah Grace in your prayers 2day! she is a 4 year old lil girl that has fought brain tumors 4 the past 2 years. Her recent MRI showed the tumor wasback as well as more spots & they r sending her home on hospice. I know we serve a Mighty God! He heals the sick as well as the... broken hearted!! REPOST so we can get as many prayers as possible goinup for her!" --Christilyn Larson

Grandmother Moon. . . : 

Grandmother Moon. . . * * * * * * *  We continue to hold Grandmother Moon in diligent prayer and energy, that she may never again be subjected to human attempts of ravaging.

For this Chapel and all who gather here in heartfelt Prayer and Intention : 

For this Chapel and all who gather here in heartfelt Prayer and Intention Gratitude Appreciation Reflection Meditation Prayer Healing Love Light

“There is a one Power in the Universe,  And I am a perfect manifestation of that Power  And as such I will that  _____{your goal here}_____,  By my will, with harm towards none,  I will it, I manifest it, I draw it to me,   I receive it, I accept it, and I give thanks for it.  By my will, so mote it be  And it is so.” : 

“There is a one Power in the Universe,  And I am a perfect manifestation of that Power  And as such I will that  _____{your goal here}_____,  By my will, with harm towards none,  I will it, I manifest it, I draw it to me,   I receive it, I accept it, and I give thanks for it.  By my will, so mote it be  And it is so.”

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