Motorcycle Accidents

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Our Dallas personal injury lawyers explain what you should know about motorcycle accidents and filing a claim. To learn more, visit Mathias Civil Justice PLLC at or call us at (214) 307-8387!


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Motorcycle Accidents:

Motorcycle Accidents A presentation by: Mathias Civil Justice PLLC

Filing an Accident Claim:

Filing an Accident Claim If you or someone you love has been in a motorcycle accident in Dallas or Chicago, you should not waste any time before retaining the services of a skilled  personal injury lawyer . Every type of accident can lead to serious and catastrophic injuries, but motorcycle collisions are especially devastating. Learn more about motorcycle accidents and what you can do!


COMMON CAUSES OF MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS Driver who is speeding Driver who is under the influence Driver who makes an illegal left hand turn Road hazards

Consequences of an Accident:

Consequences of an Accident When another driver on the road behaves recklessly or is distracted, it can lead to catastrophic accidents. For many drivers who have suffered a collision, they never fully recover from their injuries. Furthermore , if you have to deal with a wrongful denial of claim, it can involve much more work through bad faith insurance litigation.

Common Types of Injuries:

Common Types of Injuries Broken bones Road rash Back injuries Spinal injuries Neck injuries Paralysis Wrongful death

Call Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer:

Call Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer We are  experienced and dedicated to seeking justice  for our clients. We are here to help you file a personal injury claim and get through the process. Please   call our office today   at (214) 307-8387 to make an appointment with our Dallas personal injury attorneys! ¡ Hablamos español !


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