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Presentation Description A website dedicated to provide information and meal planning to people with special diet needs


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Ask Yourself ::

Ask Yourself : Do you need a “special diet” and you have no idea what that means? Do you need a diabetic meal plan with calories and portion controls? Are you pregnant and have gestational diabetes? Do you have to change to a Heart Healthy Meal Plan?

What is Healthy Diet Menus for You?:

What is Healthy Diet Menus for You? A SIMPLE and EASY meal plan to follow. Your health is too valuable not to take action All of the plans are designed to meet your dietary and nutritional needs

You are a very busy person!:

You are a very busy person! Gives you peace of mind knowing you are following your doctor’s orders Menus provide nutritional information and grocery lists Meals that meet the national guidelines for your specific needs

What can this do for me?:

What can this do for me? It’s a variety of meals with complete recipes, instructions, nutritionals and shopping lists Written by a nutrition expert with 10+ years of experience Inexpensive – less than $2 / week Less grocery shopping and guessing because you have a plan!

How many times have you said – “just tell me what to eat!”:

How many times have you said – “just tell me what to eat!” A large amount of information to learn when you are first diagnosed with the disease We give you 7 meals, nutrition and shopping lists every week Arranged in a simple to use and easy format Plenty of variety – menus don’t repeat week to week Menus incorporate countless hours of tracking, planning and calculations

We have menu plans for ALL types of diets!:

We have menu plans for ALL types of diets! Renal Diet – Pre Dialysis Renal Dialysis Diet Renal Diet with Diabetic Limitations Diabetic Meal Plans from 1200-2200 calories Gestational Diabetic Meal Plan 2400 calories Heart Healthy/ Cardiac Diet go there and subscribe now!: go there and subscribe now!

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