Diet and Exercise The Most Important Gestational Diabetes Treatment Pl

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Diet and Exercise: The Most Important Parts of Your Gestational Diabetes Treatment Plan By Mathea Ford, RD/LD

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The plan will include a combination of watching your blood sugar levels, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and possibly medication. To ensure the health of your baby, you will need to follow this plan closely.

Monitor your blood sugar levels :

Monitor your blood sugar levels May need to check it up to five times per day Do this by putting a drop of blood from your finger onto a blood glucose meter Doctor will continue to check your blood sugar levels during labor and delivery

Need to eat the right things :

Need to eat the right things Eating the right food will ensure that you do not gain too much weight Diet should focus on fruit, veggies, and whole grains Low in fat and calories are good to include in your diet

Exercise should always be a part of being healthy :

Exercise should always be a part of being healthy Exercise stimulates your body to move glucose Exercise can also help strengthen you and get you ready for labor and delivery

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Sometimes, exercise, diet, and monitoring your blood sugar levels are not enough. In these cases, doctors may prescribe medication as part of the gestational diabetes treatment plan . These steps will help you to keep your gestational diabetes under control. The most important part of this treatment plan, however, is a healthy diet.

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