Treatment of Gestational Diabetes

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Find out excellent ways to treat gestational diabetes!


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The Healthiest Treatment of Gestational Diabetes By Mathea Ford, RD/LD

Gestational Diabetes?:

Gestational Diabetes? Common condition that affects women during pregnancy There seems to be a link between gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes Common for gestational diabetics to get type 2 later in life

Appropriate Treatment:

Appropriate Treatment Is best done with exercise and diet Regular daily exercise Diet consisting of the right foods and portions, but best done with a Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan :

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan Eat small breakfast, low in carbs Consume 2 more small meals Eat a few snacks throughout the day that are appropriate-nuts and low fat yogurt are good examples

The Facts:

The Facts With proper disciplined eating habits, most gestational diabetes can be controlled Correct management will control weight gain and blood sugars

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