Management of Gestational Diabetes


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Managing gestational diabetes can be difficult and can be an emotionally hard time for any expectant mother. Looking at great managing mechanisms can help the mother cope with the remaining days of gestation!


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Management of Gestational Diabetes By Mathea Ford, RD/LD

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Management of gestational diabetes should start once diagnosed Results from the inability of the body to produce insulin or to use the insulin it produces in using sugar from food

Management Program:

Management Program Exercise Insulin Diet


Exercise Exercise is needed to improve glycemic control Shown to improve prenatal outcomes Exercise three to four days a week, for 15 to 30 minutes


Insulin Pancreas does not produce enough insulin Insulin is injected according to various doses and timing Tailored according to the kind of insulin being taken


Diet Formulate a gestational diabetes diet plan Calorie restriction should be done properly Gain the proper amount of weight

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Management of gestational diabetes is necessary for a safe and successful pregnancy. Diet, exercise, and insulin therapy work together to keep the condition under control until the pregnancy is over. Mothers are also advised to have themselves screened for the condition if they possess some or all of the risk factors for gestational diabetes.

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