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Masters Pest Control Sydney, we service Sydney wide for all pest types. Cockroaches, Termites, Spiders, Rats and many more. We’ll price match any comparable pest control quote.


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Top 5 Pest Issues in Sydney Masters Pest Control

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Top 5 Pest Issues in Sydney Pest problems can be quite a problem causing health problems for our family spread germs and diseases around the house. Both owners of residential and commercial properties are affected when there are outbreaks of cockroaches rats spiders or termites. Let’s check out the top 5 pest issues in households and businesses across Sydney Australia. Cockroaches Cockroaches can be found everywhere and are often found in warm and humid locations such as tropical regions or your kitchen. When such areas become overcrowded they start moving to other environments. In one case a house was infested with German cockroaches so badly that they were found inside the TV the chimney even under the linoleum on the floor. Fleas Pet owners spend large amounts of money on keeping fleas away from their cats and dogs. For us they are simply the cause of irritation on the skin but children can develop tapeworm infestation if they accidentally eat fleas. Some people can even have a severe reaction with accompanying secondary infections from scratching while some show no reaction at all. Most flea “bites” are located on the ankles or legs and the irritation can last from minutes to even days in some cases. Flies Flies can be very troublesome pests as they can annoy most of us but more importantly they are known to spread a wide range of serious diseases some of which can be deadly. They breed quickly and can breed almost anywhere which makes it very difficult for pest controllers to put a stop to them. Flies can move very quickly and can be killed very quickly. However they can bounce back to full population in a matter of days because of their quick breeding. Rodents Mice or rats to be exact. All rodents found in Australia belong to the family Muridae and three pest species of this family belong to the subfamily Murinae. In Australia there are approximately 60 native species. Some of them are well-known like Water Rat Stick-nest Rat and Bush Rat. These native species such as bush rats and various species of mice can be often found in backyards so it is not uncommon that people can identify the animal’s species before undertaking a control programme. Termites Termites will eat anything that is made of wood and can even damage electrical wiring and plaster walls. When they start eating the plastic and electrical wiring this typically means they are all over your home and that significant damage has been done. Even houses with steel frames are not immune to termites as they can still enter and destroy the wooden roof furniture and everything else made of wood. Quite simply termites come to your house in search for food.

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