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Common Web Designing Mistakes By: Master Computech Pvt. Ltd.

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Your business website development makes a strong first impression in minds of many visitors. Your website should communicate the essence of your brand. It should successfully express a specific and precise view of your company to your customers which is completely based on the attractiveness and ease of use of your website.

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Avoid Certain Mistakes To Compel Visitors to visit your Website: The mistake of adding a lot of unwanted stuff is one of the many factors that makes website slow. So, stop wadding your website with not-so-important and unnecessary stuff It also irate the visitors as they only need to-the-point, short and snappy information. 1. Say NO To Stuffing

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2. Design and font: Just like you choose the color of the curtains in drawing room or the walls of your bedroom, you need to choose the right color for the web page and the fonts that display on those pages. The fonts that you choose, should be crisp and clear .

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3. Navigation Platform A website needs to be worked upon with its navigation platform with different landing pages. A website should lead a customer, exactly where he can solve his query .

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4. Content : The content should always give the reading space. If there is a clutter of content, images, search options, unwanted forms then your website would be nothing but a junk yard. Crisp and relevant content would enable productivity and effectiveness for the audience thus making them land on the correct page.

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