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We work as one of the most skilled home inspection services in Oakland Park FL and guarantee that your homes are consummately investigated by four point's examination purposes.


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Rigorous Condo Inspection:

Rigorous Condo Inspection Consisting of 4 verification systems recognized by the building inspection industry

Partial Checklist of a Condo:

Partial Checklist of a Condo T he  Wall 2 Wall Home condo inspection report includes all the necessary information regarding the unit, i.e. T he sections of the building on which the co-owner has a right. Exclusive property.  Our inspection report is a valuable tool for future condo owners who wish to make a careful and diligent choice before the purchase. Here Is A Non-Exhaustive List Of Items Verified During Our Condominium Inspection:

Detailed Inspection Report Easy To Understand:

Detailed Inspection Report Easy To Understand Floor Inspection:  Observation of the condition of the floors. Door Inspection:  Examination of the installation and operation of the doors as well as the condition of the finish. Plumbing Inspection:  Verification of the water distribution system including washbasin, bath, shower with seals and faucets. Inspection Of Walls And Ceilings:  Verification of the condition of walls and ceilings. Ventilation And Heating System Inspection:  Analysis of the condition of the ventilation system (air exchanger) and the main heating elements (furnace/heaters) Electrical System Inspection:  Verification of lighting system and electrical outlets .


The Wall 2 Wall Home Inspection Condo Inspection Report is simple and easy to understand.  It has been specially designed to help you quickly understand the current state of your condo with clear text and photos and important technical details.


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