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Sanitation of Housing Contaminated By Mold:

Sanitation of Housing Contaminated By Mold The appearance of mold spots does not bode well


These undesirable microorganisms not only damage the materials on which they grow, but can also cause health problems.  This is why it is essential to carry out a sanitation treatment in the rules. This article, which serves as an introduction to a future NIT dedicated to the treatment of molds, explains how to proceed and focuses on a few points to which particular attention should be paid.

Basic Principles:

Basic Principles Molds are micro-organisms that can release many fragments and spores and microbial volatile organic compounds ( mCOVs ) into the premises, thus creating a potential danger for the health of the inhabitants.  By the removal of the affected materials, on the one hand, and the correct cleaning of the materials remaining on the spot, on the other hand, we try to find an acceptable fungal load in the interior environment. By cleaning at the first visible mold growth, their surface proliferation is minimized.  Mold concealing interventions, such as the application of lining walls, upholstering or painting the affected area, should be avoided. Indeed, interventions of this type have the effect of promoting the development of molds in areas with little or no access. Before beginning the cleaning of mold stains, it is necessary to determine the exact origin. When due to moisture, the source (s) of moisture must first be removed, otherwise the molds will reappear after a period of time.  Sanitation is therefore successful in removing the source of moisture and eliminating or, if possible, properly cleaning contaminated materials.


Recommendations The mold spots are covered with spores of the microscopic size which are easily released and let themselves be carried into the air. In case of intervention on dry mold stains, a cloud of spores and fragments spreads in the room, then in the rest of the house.  It is therefore necessary, during the remediation, to take the necessary measures to avoid contaminating the other parts.  Thus , it is recommended to avoid any form of air circulation in the building and to ventilate the treated rooms only by opening windows and external doors. Since the performer may be exposed to high levels of mold and spores during remediation, the performer must effectively protect himself by wearing an appropriate mask (FFP3), gloves and a protective suit. It is also advisable to remove from the room all superfluous and uncontaminated items (furniture, bedding, stuffed animals,) before the start of treatment.  Anything that remains in place during the treatment should then undergo a wet surface cleaning (dusting ).



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