5 tips for buying a new condo

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5 Tips F or B uying A N ew C ondo

Brief History:

Brief History If you're thinking about buying a new condo for rent or maybe you already have. There are many aspects that differ when buying and living in a condo compared to a freehold home. Here are some tips to help you make the experience a smooth one:

1. Get legal advice:

1. Get legal advice A condominium lawyer will help you interpret your purchase agreement. It's to your benefit to understand both your own and your builder's responsibilities. The period that begins on the day you receive the purchase agreement or a document called the disclosure statement .

2. Don't pack your bags just yet:

2. Don't pack your bags just yet It could be two or three years between the date you sign your purchase agreement and the date you take occupancy of your unit. If construction runs over schedule, it could be even longer. Sale to get a sense of how long it may take for your condo to be ready for occupancy.

3. There will be some unfinished business:

3. There will be some unfinished business Condo projects are different from single family homes in that the purchase is usually completed in many steps . Step one is interim occupancy. Many buyers find out the hard way that they're required to take possession of their completed unit.   http://circlapp.com/

4. Inspect your unit carefully.:

4. Inspect your unit carefully. Before you take possession of your unit, your builder is required to conduct an inspection with you. This is your chance to ensure there is no damage, incomplete or missing items, and everything is working properly. Feel free to take pictures of any damaged or incomplete items. 

5. Condos include shared living space:

5. Condos include shared living space A new condo unit comes with a seven-year warranty from your builder that is backed by Trion Warranty Corporation. The shared areas in your condo, such as the roofing, parking structures, exterior cladding.


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