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Copyright 2006® AIM Global, Inc.

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MANUFACTURING COMPANY Nature’s Way Springville, Utah 40 years Debt free NASDAQ traded/NYSE 500 product lines U.S. FDA, HALAL, KOSHER 200 Medical Doctors, Herbalist and Scientist Extensive research and development Clinical studies Over the counter products No. 1 Food Supplements/Herbal Company Frost and Sullivan Award 2004 Direct Processing/Plantation/Careful Harvest Method High ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value

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“Complete is not Enough” More than 16,000 Phythonutrients Breakthrough Product 29 Vitamins and Minerals 12 Whole Fruit Juice Blend 12 Whole Vegetable Juice Blend 18 Amino Acids 14 Green Foods/Spirulina Blend 12 Mushrooms 12 Digestive Enzymes 12 Specialty Nutrients 10 Essential Fatty Acids Complete Disintegration 10 mins. 100 % Excipient Free PRODUCT MEGA-NUTRITIONALS

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What is Glutathione? Glutathione is composed of three amino acids L-cysteine, L-glutamic Acid and L-glycine. It is the master antioxidant protecting all 100 trillion Cells that make the human body. It is the most powerful and significant Nutrients we can consume…… Ingredients: l-glutamic acid - helps stop alcohol and sugar cravings, accelerates wound healing, nature’s brain food by improving mental capacity. L-lysine - inhibits viral growth, assist in regeneration of damaged liver, necessary for the production and release of growth hormones L. arginine - promotes faster wound healing, assist in absorption of calcium and bone formation. L- histidine – treats rheumatoid arthritis, defeciency can cause poor hearing L- alanine – maintains blood glucose level. L- threonine – prevents fatty deposits in the liver, potent detoxifier. L- tyrosine – increase energy, improves mental clarity and concentration. L- glutamine – essential in maintaining steady blood sugar level, involve with muscle strength and endurance. L- leucine – helps with bone healing, promotes skin whitening and rejuvenation. L- taurine helps treat epileptic seizures, slow down aging process, reduces risk of gall stones. L- cystine – protects against radiation. L- isoleucine - helps in the production of energy, promotes alertness. L- methionine – helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, help prevent disorder of hair skin and nails. L- phenylalanine – enhances mood, clarity of thought, concentration in memory, reduces arthritic pain. L- prolein – component of cartilage for healthy joints, tendons ligaments, keep heart muscle strong, work with vitamin C for healthy skin and joints. L- serine – maintains blood sugar level, boost immune system, required for the growth and maintenance of muscle, moisturizer. L- valine – for muscle strength, endurance and stamina.

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E:\choleduz poster copy.jpg

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GLOBAL PACKAGE = P7,980 Value for Money Package Alive! Mega Nutritionals Products worth P6,750 (84%) 200,000 Personal Accident Insurance 20,000 Medical Reimbursement Discount of 25% on all products ATM Card Free Web Page Free Medical Checkup Business Kit Scholarship Program

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Stage IV Cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma Mass 8cm. decreased to 1cm. after taking Alive! Andrea Delfin, 19 yrs/old Testimonies

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Testimonies Kristoffer Torres,19 yrs/old Congenital cataract Blind since birth Operated 3yrs. old Operated at Makati Medical Center by specialist 2004 Improvement of vision after taking Alive! for 1 1/2 months

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Diagnose with Myoma 14cm x 12cm in size After 2 months of using ALIVE, huge blood clots was discharge. Recent Ultra Sound result shows NORMAL UTERUS. Flora Garcia, 52yrs/old Testimonies

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Testimonies Skin Asthma & other allergies Allergies for 3 years Disappeared completely after taking Alive! for 1 week Grace Clemente, 28yrs/old

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Testimonies Hormonal Imbalance Ammenorhea Absence of menstruation for 4 yrs. Recurrence of menstrual period after 12 hours at taking Alive! Novy, 24 yrs/old of Cebu

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Dean Morris, MH Master Herbalist Formulator

Awarded by : 

Awarded by with Most Outstanding Food Supplement (2006 NATIONAL AWARDS)

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WE DID IT AGAIN! The Most Outstanding Mega-Nutritional Supplement (National) has been awarded Mega -Nutritionals

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Global Award For Marketing Excellence (Symbol of Agora Excellence) Mega -Nutritionals Global Award For Marketing Excellence The Most Outstanding Wellness Technology Awarded as

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Philippine Marketing Excellence Award Mega -Nutritionals The Most Outstanding Premium Herbal Capsule Awarded as

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The Most Outstanding Natural Whitening Supplement Nationwide awarded as

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Copyright 2006® AIM Global, Inc.

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