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Title Antarctica by AIDENJONES:

Title Antarctica by AIDENJONES I am going to show you facts about Antarctica and explain why they are important in New Zealand in 2013

My topics are::

My topics are: 1.Gondwana 2.Explorer chain

Topic 1 Fact 1:

Topic 1 Fact 1 Gondwana was a continent that existed from approximately 510 to 180 million years ago . Gondwana consisted of Africa , Arabia South America, India, Australia and New Guinea.

Topic 1 Fact 2:

Topic 1 Fact 2 Godwin consisted of Africa , Arabia, South America ,India , Australia and New Guinea.

Topic 2 Fact 1:

Topic 2 Fact 1 Amundsen beat Scott the other explorer to the South Pole. Scott and his four companions died from starvation on their way back to civilisation.

Topic 2 Fact 2:

Topic 2 Fact 2 Edward Bransfield discovered the main Antarctic continent on 3/1/1820

Topic 2 Fact 3:

Topic 2 Fact 3 Ann Bancroft was the first female to lead an expedition on skis to Antarctica

Topic 3 Fact 1:

Topic 3 Fact 1 The killer whale is at the top of the food chain

Topic 3 Fact 2:

Topic 3 Fact 2 Krill is the opposite of the whale because it is at the bottom of the food chain

Glossary (Words and Meanings):

Glossary (Words and Meanings) sheet /the thick layer of ice covering most of Antarctica 2.glaciers /rivers of ice bergs /a floating bit of ice warming/a global increase in air temperature caused by carbon dioxide catch /animals accidentally caught by fishing nets 6.

Conclusion and Summary:

Conclusion and Summary Antarctica is important to New Zealand in 2013 because: 1.If it melts we will go under water 2. 3.

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