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Antarctica by Harry :

Antarctica by Harry I am going to show you facts about Antarctica and explain why they are important in New Zealand in 2013

My topics are::

My topics are: 1.Food Chain 2.Explorers 3.Climate

Food Chain Fact 1:

Food Chain Fact 1 A large variety of carnivorous predators such as fish, seals , penguins, squid and baleen whales eat krill.

Food Chain Fact 2:

Food Chain Fact 2 There would be no life in the southern ocean around Antarctica without energy from the sun.

Food Chain Fact 3:

Food Chain Fact 3 Killer Whales are the top off the food chain.

Explorers Fact 1:

Explorers Fact 1 In 1772 British explorer Captain James Cook was sent to search Antarctic circle but the explorers never saw Antarctic.

Explorers Fact 2:

Explorers Fact 2 Cook said that no one would explore further than him he also said that this remote country was a frozen wasteland.

Explorers Fact 3:

Explorers Fact 3 The Clark Ross shelf was named after Sir James Clark Ross.

Climate Fact 1:

Climate Fact 1 In the warmer summer months some of the ice at the edge of the ice cap melts.

Climate Fact 2:

Climate Fact 2 In the centre of Antarctica is a very icy desert, very little snow falls there.

Climate Fact 3:

Climate Fact 3 Antarctica has the coldest climate on earth, during winter temperatures drop to -94 degrees (-70 degrees C).

Glossary (Words and Meanings):

Glossary (Words and Meanings) 1. Axis: Imaginary line through the middle of an object. 2.Ice Cap: Very thick layer of ice. 3.Climate: The usual weather that occurs in a place. 4.Ice Shelf: A floating sheet of ice. 5.Microbes: Small microscopic life forms such as bacteria and virus. 6.Fragile: easily damaged.

Conclusion and Summary:

Conclusion and Summary Antarctica is important to New Zealand in 2013 because: 1. Because it is the solution to the food chain. 2. If we didnt have Antarctica the whole world would drown.

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