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The London 2012 Olympics : 

The London 2012 Olympics By Levi Woolston

My topics are: : 

My topics are: 1. Rowing 2. The 2012 London Olympics 3. A very famous NZ Olympian

Rowing : 

Rowing There are many types of rowing.

Rowing Fact 2 : 

Rowing Fact 2 You have to be fit and strong plus be light.

Rowing : 

Rowing Rowing is a very tough, Ask Mahe Drysdale.

Sarah Walker : 

Sarah Walker She won silver in 2012 Olympic games.

New Zealand : 

New Zealand New Zealand win their 100th Olympics medal.

A very famous NZ Olympian : 

A very famous NZ Olympian Nick Wells won silver in 2008 Olympics.

A very famous Olympian : 

A very famous Olympian Mark Todd is a famous equestrian for New Zealand. He won bronze in 2012.


SUMMARY Olympic Games are important to New Zealand because: It bring countries together. It bring a responsibility to the countries hosting. We all have fun together.

Athletes : 

Athletes It is hard being a modern Olympic athlete because: All the fame and fortune. Too many people like you. People taking photos of you.

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