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The Olympic Games Henry Sherris By

My topics are::

My topics are: Gymnastics History of the Modern Olympics London 2012 Olympic Games But before we begin I’ve got to tell you what the Olympics are. The Olympics are a worldwide celebration of sportsmanship that are celebrated every 4 years . Got it!

Topic 1 :

Topic 1 History of the Modern Olympics How the Olympics became modern from the Greeks. A Man named Baron Pierre De Coubertin saw People from different Countries were interested in sport so he had the idea to start the Olympics up again and not make them so violent, like the Greeks.

History of the Modern Olympics:

History of the Modern Olympics He arranged a meeting in 1894 with nine countries to talk about the idea. The first Modern Olympics started up for the first time in Athens with 311 male competitors The next Olympics in 1900 the men only rule was changed and 19 women joined the competition. Then the competition carried on all around the world and a different city hosts it every 4 years

Topic 2 :

Topic 2 Artistic Gymnastics Artistic gymnastics are always good to watch. It was in the Olympics this year. Here are some facts... Male gymnasts compete in 6 apparatus; Floor, Pommel, High bar, Parallel bar, Rings and Vault. This year there were 98 men and 98 women competing. Each country is limited to 5 men and women.

Topic 2 Artistic Gymnastics:

Topic 2 Artistic Gymnastics The Olympic Artistic gymnastics has 4 stages, qualification, team final, individual all round final, individual apparatus final. The gymnasts have to train hard to go to the Olympics. The term artistic gymnastics was first used in the 19th century.

Topic 3 :

Topic 3 There are summer and winter Olympics, and they do different sports at each. 2012 was a summer Olympics. Next Olympics are going to be held in Rio. It was London's 3 rd time hosting the Olympics.

It is hard being an modern Olympic Athlete because::

It is hard being an modern Olympic Athlete because: You have to train hard You have to travel allot You might not win so you have to stay modest Olympic games are important to New Zealand because: They are fun to learn about. It is a good goal to work towards Makes New Zealand a popular country I hope you learnt something new about the Olympic games!

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