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The London 2012 Olympics:

The London 2012 Olympics By Alex M

My topics are::

1. BMX 2. A London Olympics stadium that interests me. 3. A very famous New Zealand Olympian. My topics are:


Sarah walker came 2 nd in the 2012 Olympics. The NZ team for BMX also has Kurt Prickard and Mark Willers. She is easily the best female BMX rider. BMX!

A Olympic stadium that interests me :

The name of the main Olympic stadium for 2012 is the Wimbledon Stadium It holds up to 8500 people. Some of the sports that went on in the stadium were sprints, long jump, shot put and discus A Olympic stadium that interests me

Valerie Adams :

Valerie Adams was born in Rotorua. Her mother is Tongan and her father British She has won two gold medals this year. Valerie Adams

It’s hard being a modern Olympian because,:

There is huge pressure to succeed The camera is always on them. Injuries can be huge. It’s hard being a modern Olympian because,

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