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Octopus Bridget D.


Habitat Octopuses live in the oceans and seas They live on the sea floor Lots of coral where they live

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Weight is usually 30 pounds Octopuses height can grow to 3.4 fee t Arm span is 30 feet for adults


Food Eats small fish , shrimp Crab , lobster Mussels and clams

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations boneless helps squeeze into tight spaces Camouflage helps blend in with area Poisonous saliva kills predator or prey

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Shoots ink helps give chance to escape Mimic sea snakes to scare potential predators Smart - observes and learns new things

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Octopuses have 8 arms called tentacles Some octopuses live up to 6 months Octopuses have keen eyesight Some large octopuses are known to catch and kill sharks Medusa in G reek myths was inspired by octopuses

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