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Penguin Isabella B.


Habitat Some live in cold island and some live in warm island on coasts and icebergs near the

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts The height is 44 inches They are a bird because they have feathers, they lay eggs


Food It eats fish They find it in the water They have to keep swimming to find their food

Physical Adaptations :

Physical Adaptations Big eyes Soft feathers Flippers Beak

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Live in a colony Chicks swim and sing March to nesting grounds Proposing is when they go faster in the water

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Most penguins lay tow eggs at a time but only one egg survives The mother is gone for only four months and the father takes care of the baby They have really big eyes so they can see good in the water All penguins live between the Equator and the South pole Penguins spend most of their lives in the sea

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