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Mackenzie M. M onkey


H abitat Lives in India, China, Vietnam, islands in Asia, Lots of trees ,mountain regions, forest regions They live in groups

Basic Facts:

B asic Facts 10-15 pounds when it is born It is a mammal because it is hairy and warm blooded


F ood Eats leafs, flowers, bird eggs , small animals, fruit, vegetables Gets from trees or bushes and the ground Pick form bushes or swings though trees

Physical Adaptations:

P hysical Adaptations Eyes, to help locate food Ears, to help hear danger legs and arms, help them swing and hold onto trees Tails to wrap around branches

Behavioral Adaptations:

B ehavioral Adaptations Do not have any

Interesting Facts:

I nteresting Facts Currently 264 known monkey species Use vocalizations, facial expressions and body movements to communicate Monkeys only peel their bananas ,do not eat the skin Monkeys yawn when they are mad Monkeys have feelings just like us( love, fear, hate and compassion )

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