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Peacock Lucy B.


Habitat Peacocks can live in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Their habitat is forests and rain forests.

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Can weigh 3 pounds 27-52 inches long depending on the species A peacock is a bird because they have wings, feathers, lays eggs. It lives with its family or alone.


Food A peacock eats grain, insects, berries, figs and flower parts.

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations Its beak helps it find food by pecking at the ground Its’ wings help it fly its’ feathers help it blend in with its habitat like bushes and other plants.

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts It lives with its family or alone. Females are called peahens. Babies are called Peachicks. The whole group are called peafowl. There are tree types of of peafowl In the world.

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Flying helps it get away from predators the male shows off his tail to get a mate it dances to scare predators.

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