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Bald Eagle:

Bald Eagle Jack R.


Habitat located in North America, Montana, and New England Lives by rivers, lots of trees, tons of wilderness

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Has an 8 foot wingspan weighs up to 14 pounds Bald Eagles have more than 7,000 feathers Lives alone with a mate for life Lay up to 3 eggs


Food Will eat any rotten or decaying dead animal Usually eats fish Finds their food in rivers

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations have keen eyesight Sharp talons to rip into flesh Tons of feathers to fly and keep warm They are scavengers Fly super fast

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations The bald eagle does not have any behavioral adaptations

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts The chick that is born second usually doesn’t survive Bald eagles can see 4-8 times better than humans Sometimes bald eagles will try to kill a seal Bald eagles are the biggest eagles in the world

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