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Mustangs Eamon H.


Habitat Free roaming horses who live in open grassy ranges. Located in North American west.

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Weighs around 750lbs average height is 14 to 15 hands. They are mammals because they give birth to live babies they make there own milk they have fur.


Food Mustang eats grass. It finds it on the ground. They eat it off the ground.

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations Strong legs help it run fast. Strong hooves for sound ness on the rocks and uneven desert grounds. Fur keeps out cold to stay warm in Winter.

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Mustangs live in large herds led by a female horse. Native Americans used mustangs for many purposes including labor, hunting, and transportation. Military also uses mustang for transportation. Called horse of the wild.

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