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Artic Wolf:

Artic Wolf J oseph M.


Habitat Very cold At night can not see anything Lives in the Arctic C ircle Lives in the wood from the trees that are on the ground

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts 75 pounds 3 feet in length I would classify this animal as a mammal


Food They eat lemmings, rodents and caribou It finds its food in the Arctic The Arctic wolf gets its food by hunting for it

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations A physical adaptations is a big coat to keep it warm White coat to make it blend in with the snow with is also called camouflage Long legs to run fast

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations They hunt in the packs to get bigger and stronger animals They live in a den so they can rise there young They always stay together to be protected when anything is there

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts It can live up too 7 years in the wild but in a home of a person like a sanctuary they can live up too 20 years that’s a big differences The coat can be three colors such as gray white or blac k A group of Arctic wolves contains 30 members Each Arctic wolf has to eat 20 pounds a day Arctic wolfs like to explore Europe Northern Canada Iceland Greenland and Alaska

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