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Kangaroo Will C.


Grass land Australia Lives in a bush in Australia Farmland Habitat

Basic Facts:

3-8 feet (36-96”) 40-200 pounds(16-3,200 ounces) They live with a joey They are mammals Basic Facts

Food :

Food Grass Water They bend over and eat it They get the water from a lake

Physical Adapations:

Physical Adapations

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Legs, for fighting Legs, running from pesky farmers Legs hopping from predators

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts A baby kangaroo is called a joey. There are 50 different types of kangaroo. Kangaroos have pouches . They are called marsupials. Kangaroos are herbivores. Pesky farmers, dingoes and bald eagles are kangaroos enemies

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