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The Australian Frilled Lizard:

The Australian F rilled L izard Paige W.


Habitat It lives across N orthern Australia It is humid and damp there The lizard lives alone

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts It is three ft long , 17 ½ ounces The lizard is a reptile because it has scales and lays eggs


Food It eats ants, smaller lizards, spiders, cicadas, termites and other rain forest insects The lizard finds it’s prey at the roots of trees It catches it’s food with it’s tongue

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations The frill makes the lizard look bigger It’s teeth make it look more ferocious It whips it’s tail to make it look stronger

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Estivation, which is when reptiles migrate to helps it find food if their prey is extinct or they cant find any food.

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts The lizard is also called “frillnecks” It is in the dragon family Females lay 8-23 eggs in an under ground nest After babies hatch they are perfectly capable of figuring out hunting and using its frill to scare away predators Their predators are birds, larger lizards, snakes, dingoes, and feral cats

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