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Chameleon Nathan C.


Habitat Madagascar East Africa savanna

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Weighs 14 0z 21 inches long Reptile has scales Lays eggs


Food Eats insets and small birds Gets its food with 20 inch long tongue that’s really fast it finds the food in the tree or in the air

Physical Adapations:

Physical Adapations The tongue gets food Camouflage helps blend in with habitat Changing colors show emotions Eyes can look in two directions

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Moves slow will help so predators can’t see Lives in tree for pretecion Sleeping upside down stay safe

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Changes colors because when it is sick,cold,mad and lots other things Really fast tongue a lot faster than it self Tongue is 1 inch shorter than it self

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