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Bird of Paradise:

Bird of Paradise By John K.


Habitat Jungles, Deserts, Wetlands Papua New Guinea and Australia Canopy’s, Desert Trees, Wetland trees

Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Lives alone but mate in groups 50 grams and 15 centimeters { at most} It’s a Tropical Bird because it is the only animal with feathers that help them fly and they have a beak and they lay eggs


Food Fruit- Berries, Tropical Fruit Insects- spiders, bugs Eats food while holding in feet

Physical Adaptations:

Physical Adaptations Bright colors [ to get mates ] Shape shift [ to get mates ] Hooked bills [ to get bugs and other food ]

Behavioral Adaptations:

Behavioral Adaptations Dances [ to get mates ] Calls [to get mates ] Food reactions [ fruit eaters nice\insectivores aggressive ]

Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts Endangered but getting better by stopping habitat destruction Most have 2-5 eggs

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