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In this presentation what is the best time of the year Everest Base Came Trek. Everest Base Camp is one of the best mountains Trek in Himalaya. September is perfect season to Trek The Himalaya. Its time to the normal temperature. Visit us:


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Everest Base Camp Trek Best Time Of Year


Everest Base Camp Trek


Lots of people show their keen interest to Travel To Nepal occasionally with friends and families. Country is the best place to enjoy the holidays between mountains and stunning peaks. Nepal has diverse geography and unpredictable weather condition because of its topography and altitude. The northern region is covered with mountains and famous trekking destinations. An altitude above 3000m has alpine climate with considerably lower temperature. Technically we can go around the Himalayan region at any time of year because there are no any restrictions to travel around. Experience of traveling each weather is different and offers lots of variations because of different looking landscapes and environmental condition.


Although we are free to travel anywhere at any time we must prepare a little differently depending on the season and climatic condition. Basically while trekking in Himalayan Region its general for all trekking routes to pick the best month from the season. Everest Base Camp is one of the famous trekking destinations that everyone picks first. The best popular time for trekking can be categorized into two seasons – spring and autumn. Spring season is between late February - March – April. Autumn is between late September – October – November. We can have best experience of trek during October or November because the weather stands the best chance. It is not as cold as in winter and able to see the peaks clearly. After the monsoon passes from September to November temperature is moderate and it gives the best opportunity to experience the stunning best state of Mount Everest .


Mount Everest Base Camp


Monthly Temperature for the Best Travel Season can be categorized as Apr: Max 10°C; Min -5°C May: Max 15°C; Min 0°C Jun: Max 17°C; Min 5°C Sep: Max 19°C; Min 5°C Oct: Max 12°C; Min 4°C Nov: Max 10°C; Min -10°C. Wind speed is 14km/h while precipitation per month is 15mm and sunshine 7 hours per day. We can wear simple lightweight jackets, down jacket, short sleeved shirts and waterproof clothes during this time of year. We need hiking shoes, boots, socks and gloves including sunglasses, sun-cream and sleeping bag. We must avoid carrying heavy loads which may slow down causing extra day of hiking.


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