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We offer non emergency wheelchair transportation nationwide with safe and security of patients in non emergency situation. Call us today at 866-220-3834 to help serve your medical transportation needs. https://www.facebook.com/DDMedTrans http://www.ddmedtrans.com/services/


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Wheelchair Service: Easily move in Non Emergency Situation

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Wheelchair Transportation Service Wheelchair transportation service is a non emergency transportation service providing for that person who can’t walk and also for handicapped patients in some manner. Wheelchair service for people who have permanent walking or seating difficulties

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Non Emergency Transportation Service Ambulatory Transportation Wheelchair Transportation Air Ambulance Transportation Stretcher Transportation

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Non-emergency medical transportation service" means a service that transports a patients from one place to another for a non-emergency medical purpose through the use of a provider's vehicle and driver. Wheelchairs provided by the transportation services providers to people so that they don’t face any problem while travelling.

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Types of Wheelchair Transport Wheelchair Standard Manual Wheelchair Light Weight Manual Wheelchair Pediatric Wheelchairs Shower Commode Wheelchair custom made wheelchairs Sport Wheelchairs

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Three reason to use wheelchair service in non emergency transportation service Non-emergency medical transportation can help provide access to health care for people who are not able to use the need for emergency medical transportation. Non-emergency medical transportation can provide door to door transportation to help people who are having need of wheelchairs those who use walkers. Non-emergency medical transportation provide wheelchair service which is quick and easy .

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Wheelchair Transportation Services are designed for individuals who are wheelchair bound and unable to transfer safely to a passenger vehicle.

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866-220-3834 Call us at our Toll-Free Number http://www.ddmedtrans.com/services/ /DDMedTrans +/ DdmedtransInc

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