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We are a non emergency medical transportation broker, specializing in affordable, safe and professional transportation. We offer non-emergency stretcher transportation, non emergency ambulatory transportation, non emergency wheelchair transportation & non emergency air ambulance transportation nationwide. Call us today at 866-220-3834 to help serve your medical transportation needs. http://www.ddmedtrans.com/


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DD med Transport Services:

DD med Transport Services DD Med is a nation wide team of Transport Services, they provide non emergency medical transportation services in Arizona. They provide a services very easily and promptly, by single call 886-220-3834 . It is easily accessible services at any time, and any where. DD med trans supply services They also provide ambulatory individuals. The important is that provide services in non emergency situations. It may be to attend a meeting, a marriage etc .

Provide Services:

Provide Services Visits to family and friends Transportation to adult day care center Dentist’s appointment Long-distance trips Going to the Treatment Center for Chemotherapy Long Distance Relocation Family visit Transportation to Senior Home Care

Types of services provided by DD Med Trans:

Types of services provided by DD Med Trans Ground Ambulatory Stretcher Ambulatory Air Ambulance Wheelchair  Ambulatory

Stretcher Transportation Services:

Stretcher Transportation Services This services provide when patients are enable to sit.

Wheelchair Transportation services :

Wheelchair Transportation services DD Med trans provide services when person has some problem with his or her knees, leg, foot. But they wanted to meet any one so they call them.

Air Ambulance Transport Services :

Air Ambulance Transport Services DD Med Trans also a special type of air medical services , with proper medical facilities, qualified doctors, and pilots. They promises to reach them with safety and security.

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http:// www.ddmedtrans.com For Contact, call us at our Toll-free Number 886-220-3834

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