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Would you like to know more about Medical Negligence cases in Australia? If you or someone you know has a legal matter for a medical error, you should view this presentation to understand more about Medical Lawyers


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What you should know about Medical Negligence in Australia… This document is prepared by medical lawyers in brisbane


High Rates of Medical Errors in Australia For a First World Country Australia has a surprisingly high rate of negligent medical failure. Approximately 18,000 people die in hospital each year due to preventable medical negligence Approximately 50,000 people acquire a permanent injury in hospital each year due to preventable medical negligence Approximately 80 people are admitted to hospital due to medication errors


Not all Medical Errors are considered Negligent If someone has a negative outcome from their medical treatment this does not mean they have automatically have a valid medical negligence case and can sue for compensation. Medical staff have to be shown to have failed “reasonable care” They should have a fair, reasonable & competent degree of skill


Proving Medical Negligence is Challenging The onus of proof is on the patient to show that medical staff breached their duty of care. The lawyer needs to prove that the most likely cause of the injury was the doctors failure to take reasonable care. If a patient has an existing condition this is even more complex.


Doctors Protecting Other Doctors At least one supportive medico-legal document is required to prove a medical error occurred In general, Australian doctors don’t want to criticise the work of another doctor A pricey report may need to be acquired from a doctor located in another country


Impacted Persons are not just “in it for the money” People who have suffered a permanent injury due to medical error are often unable to work anymore A child who is injured due to medical negligence may require 24/7 care for the rest of their lives The impacts of medical errors can be catastrophic and life changing


What is the Purpose of Compensation The purpose of compensation is to put the injured party in a position they would have been had the injury not occurred. Calculations for compensation take into account - Pain and Suffering - Lost current and past income - Lost future income - Medical costs now and for the rest of your life


Get Expert Advice Medical Negligence Claims are complex The expertise of your lawyer in your type of case is crucial Get expert legal advice from an experienced medical negligence lawyer Get a second opinion if you are unsure about your lawyers expertise

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