Increase your eCommerce Sales using Web Push Notifications


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With the rapid advancements in technology, eCommerce has evolved as a strong business platform over the past few years. The Internet is not only helping the businesses to reach out to a large number of audiences but also improving the customer engagement.


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Increase Your Ecommerce Sales Using Web Push Notifications:

Increase Y our Ecommerce Sales Using Web Push Notifications

Check The Ways To Increase Your ROI:

Check The Ways To Increase Your ROI Attract new users Re-engage the  inactive Upselling and cross-selling Offer  time-sensitive deals and offers Promote new product arrival Order delivery alert Price drop alert Customer feedback on product delivery Reward loyalty Recommend the best products Engage more customers with your brand


Attract new users T ap new customers would be to float ads of the best selling products, drop-off categories — the ones that will make an attention grabbing statement and persuade the users to part with their cash .


Re-engage the inactive T he  ads/emails an e-commerce site serves its clients should focus on updated offers and latest products giving the users a solid reason to consider giving it a second thought.


Upselling and cross-selling When the seller encourages the customer to spend more than he or she had originally planned to, that kind of selling is called upselling. It’s also known as “add-on sales” and “bundle sales”. Cross selling means to sell a different product to an existing customer. Both require high levels of 1:1 personalization of browser push messages.


Offer time-sensitive deals and offers Timing is everything in a season of sale . I ntroducing countdowns and generating a feeling of hastiness and urgency in the customers to complete the process. A well-chosen marketing channel based on the user’s personal preferences, makes for a compelling and powerful marketing strategy.


Promote new product arrival B ased on the customers’ purchase behavior and  history, sending relevant  product-related Web Push will quadruple the chances of augmenting sales.


Order delivery alert Sending order delivery alert to the user is important even more for keeping the customer informed about when and where the product is supposed to arrive. This also keeps the user informed that you care .


Price drop alert How do you let interested users know about the drop in prices on products they were so keen on buying ? You should rather look at options that are instant and can be trusted upon to reach the right set of audience.


Customer feedback on product delivery Sending browser push notifications to customers for filling in/sending the feedback on product delivery is a well thought-out marketing strategy as it lets the customer know how much you value the feedback . Sending such notifications to customers is one of the best ways to do a superb branding of the e-commerce site to the customer .


Reward loyalty While sending Web Push to website subscribers is indispensable, right time, relevance and personalization are equally crucial . So that the “read-rate” of messages during weekdays is almost 65% higher than on weekends.


Recommend the best products In e-commerce marketing, product recommendations act as both an ad and broadcast of information. And if you customize it according to the user’s requirements, it acuminates another strategy — user engagement.


Engage more customers with your brand In the e-commerce industry, half the job is considered done if you are able to get the customer on board. Notifications like these entice the user to escape to a world of their favorite brands and brand stories and take user engagement to the very next level.

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