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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Building A Doghouse :

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Building A Doghouse

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Pet ownership in the United States has increased significantly in the recent past. Close to 46 percent of households in the country own at least one dog. This is equivalent to more than 78 million dogs. While most dog owners have one animal , about 28 percent of them own two or more.

1. Type:

1. Type You can build a doghouse in many different ways. Consider the needs of your pet, your building skills and the available tools. There are hundreds of plans online. Most projects can be completed in a few hours and will cost you less than $100. You may also get creative and come up with your own design. Ultimate idea is to keep the pet comfortable and happy. The roof should be sufficiently high. The entrance and the door should be accessible as well. Many pet owners prefer portable doghouses that can be moved to different parts of the yard depending on the weather.

 2. Size :

  2. Size The size of the doghouse is also important for its longevity. Consider the size of the animal as an adult before building the doghouse. A large kennel can accommodate the growing needs

 3. Location :

  3. Location You should also choose the right location for your doghouse. The ground should be flat and uniform. Clear the site down to the short grass. Make sure the area is free from stagnant water. You should also choose the right roof. A wooden roof is cool and cozy. Vinyl roofs are easy to install, clean and maintain. The foundation should be a few inches off the ground to prevent flooding. This will prevent the wood from rotting. It will also prevent insects and bugs from biting your pet .

4. Weather :

4. Weather Local weather will also determine the basic design of your doghouse. Go for a slanted or peaked roof to prevent snow accumulation. Slanted roofs are great for areas that experience incessant rainfall. The floor should also be slanted towards the door for improved water drainage. If you live in a windy area, install a wind block inside the doghouse. While the dog can use the heat from its own body to stay warm, covering the roof with shingles or roof felt can protect your pet from extreme cold. Make sure the seams are tight to prevent leaks.

5. Customization:

5. Customization Get creative and customize the doghouse to match the rest of the decor in your yard . Use bright paints that are safe for your pet. Add a bedding that your pet will enjoy. You can go for dog beds, blankets, car mats, or scraps of old carpet. Building a doghouse can be gratifying. All members of your family can be part of the project. Your pet will also enjoy its own private sanctuary for several years to come. Measure the height, length and width of the animal. Remember that the dimensions will vary with the posture of the animal. Your pet dog should be able to turn and stretch inside the doghouse.

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