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The Envelope Supplier: your wholesale envelope distributor for envelopes of all sizes and colors. We offer custom envelopes, custom printing and large bulk orders. Contact us for quotes 219-730-1571. LaPorte, Indiana


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Enhance your envelopes with custom printing. 1,2,3, and 4-Color offset. 1-6  color flexo or 4- color Digital. Call for pricing 219-730-1571    

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Our Goal It's fast and simple to order custom-sized, custom-printed, or large bulk quantities of envelopes for your business, organization or event.

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The ABC's of Specialty Envelopes A  is for the wide assortment of quality  A Style Envelopes  you'll see in our online store. You'll also find  specialty envelopes , in top-selling designer colors and textures. B  is for Bulk.  Almost all of our products  are listed in bulk/carton quantities. But we also have some  envelopes in smaller quantities ! C  is for Choice. If you want custom-sized envelopes, custom printing, or large bulk orders, please  call us for a quote .  The choice is always yours! You'll also want to read about our product choices. Since our envelopes come in more colors than a box of Crayola crayons, we've added some  colorful information . The Envelope Supplier is  your  wholesale envelope distributor.

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