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With VERY little help from Dad, BrookeAnna and Meredith completed a summer project: Do a PowerPoint on any country of your choice. They picked New Zealand. For an 8 and 9 year old, I'd say it turned out pretty good!


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Very naice job .... please share

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Our New Zealand Report: 

Our New Zealand Report By Brookie & Mimi

Assignment of NZ Categories: 

Assignment of NZ Categories Brookie – Culture, Movies, Clothing, Music Mimi – Religion, History, Language, Famous People, Sports TT – Toys Mom – Food, Education, Animals Dad – Economic Info, Geographic, Transportation, Famous Writings

New Zealand History: 

New Zealand History *New Zealand was an enthusiastic member of the British Empire, fighting in the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2 and supporting Britain in the Suez Crisis. *This is the first map of New Zealand Drawn by Captain James Cook. *This is the Pohutukawa tree.

New Zealand Culture: 

New Zealand Culture *New Zealand has a diverse culture with influences from English, Scottish, Irish, American, Australian and Maori Cultures along with those of other European cultures. *This is a Maori person and his name is Moko. *This is the origin (or a God) that they worship.

New Zealand Movies: 

New Zealand Movies *Many movies have been filmed in New Zealand. Some of the most popular ones are: Whale Rider Chronicles of Narnia Lord of the Rings Trilogy Fellowship of the Ring The Two Towers Return of the King

New Zealand Clothing: 

New Zealand Clothing *These are some samples of New Zealand clothing, swimsuits, and shoes!

New Zealand Music: 

New Zealand Music New Zealand has several music schools. Some schools in New Zealand are: * The Nelson school of music * The New Zealand school of music * The Christchurch Jazz School and many, many more.


Animals Here are some animals from New Zealand Here are some yelloweyed penguins, A black stilt and there are many more.

New Zealand Religion: 

New Zealand Religion *New Zealand is half Christian and the other half other religions. *This is a Saint Paul Cathedral in New Zealand. *This is looking at the back or rear of the Cathedral. *This is a stain glass window, very pretty.

New Zealand Languages: 

New Zealand Languages New Zealand speaks English, Maori, NZ Sign Language and various other languages. Māori Language is quite simple in that it has 5 vowels and 10 consonants.  The vowels in Māori can be pronounced as either short or long sounds, so in written form, the long vowels carry a macron e.g. ā.  Māori words always end in a vowel.  Consonants are always followed by a vowel.  A vowel can follow another vowel. The Māori vowels are a, e, i, o, u with long versions ā, ē, ī, ō, ū. The Māori consonants are p, t, k, m, n,. ng, wh, r, h, w. For more information visit http://www.maorilanguage.net/index.cfm

Famous New Zealanders: 

Famous New Zealanders *Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen head of the British Monarchy, making her Queen of New Zealand. * Lucy Lawless, Xena the Warrior Princess *Others *This a Killer Whale with a rainbow on it’s back.

New Zealand Sports: 

New Zealand Sports *Cricket, Netball, Basketball, lawn bowling, soccer, rugby league, golf, tennis, cycling, field hockey, skiing, snowboarding, softball, water sports including surfing, sailing, white water kayaking, surf life saving skills, rowing,swimming.

New Zealand Toys: 

New Zealand Toys *These are some dolls that I made on www.thedollpalace.com. In *New Zealand, girls enjoy cool websites like this too! *These are a few photos of New Zealand toys.

New Zealand Food: 

New Zealand Food These are a few of the foods that the Maori eat. *Piko Piko fern tips *Lots of seafood *Kinaki * One traditional form of Maori way of cooking called a Hangi is a feast cooked in the earth. Stones are heated in a fire in a dug out pit and covered in cabbage leaves or watercress to stop the food from burning. Mutton, pork, chicken, potatoes and Kumera (a sweet potato) are then unusually lowered into the pit in a basket. The food is covered with Mutton cloth or similar and traditionally with flax. Finally earth is placed on top to keep in the steam. The food takes about 3 hours to cook. The Hangi is still popular and is a viable alternative to a weekend barbecue. The unique taste of food cooked in a Hangi can best be described as steamed food with an earthen flavour

New Zealand Education: 

New Zealand Education *None of us kids want to go to School anyway.


Pictures Blank Scenic Cards, Stunning Posters of stunning New Zealand scenery (Rotorua, Piha, Native Bush, Dolphins etc), and Maps of our national parks (Abel Tasman, Coromandel, Egmont etc)...

Thank You : 

Thank You * Thank you so much for coming to BrookeAnna’s, Meredith, and Terran’s party. Hope you had fun!

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