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Buy Cali Kush Farms seeds online on Power Cannabis seeds, we have wide range of hemp seeds from the cup winner marijuana seeds breeders. We do world wide shipping with secure delivery.


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Introduction to Cali Kush Farms All Seeds Presented by: Power Cannabis Seeds

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Power Cannabis Seeds At Power Cannabis Seeds we are working every day to bring you the MOST POWERFUL marijuana seeds on the planet. We focus on our values of sourcing the HIGHEST QUALITY weed strains ever created since the beginning. Some of our customers prefer the smooth varieties that are beautifully sweet and offer an abundance of growth whereas some prefer the most potent and lethal genetic creations that are out of this world. We offer a huge range of cannabis seeds in London to meet all the needs of our customers. Our special environment and care ensures all our seeds are POWERFUL STRONG and HEALTHY .

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15x High Times Cannabis Cup Winner Seed. SF 2016 first Indica Flower SF 2015 first and second Hybrid Con. SF 2015 first Sativa Con. SF 2015 second Indica Flower. We are upbeat to discharge 3 strains under Cali Kush Farms in a joint effort with Karma Genetics. In lawful examinations develops this woman raised substantial overwhelming buds with fabulous yields. The terpene conveying a hazardous blend of Orange OG Kush flavors unquestionably a hard hitting strain with overwhelming yields. Buy all quality hemp seeds from Cali Kush Farms Seeds on Power Cannabis Seeds with free seeds of your choice.

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Emperor Mandarin by Cali Kush Farm  Emperor Mandarin is a strong and powerful mix of Ghost OG x HA-OG x Mandarina. This feminized strain produces huge heavy buds with terrific yields. The terpenes delivers an explosive combination of Orange OG Kush flavors. It is definitely a heavy hitting strain with heavy yields.  Type: Hybrid  Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks  Genetics: Ghost OG x HA-OG x Mandarina

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King Mamba by Cali Kush Farm  King Mamba is a heavy yielding Kush with that typical LA OG Terp profile. Bred for yields and the complex west coast quality King Mamba is sure to be a strain you adore. Suitable for commercial growers who ask for quality and yields. A taste of Cali OG Kush wherever you grow.  Type: Hybrid  Genetics: Mamba x Biker

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Jaffa Cake by Cali Kush Farm  Jaffa Cake is a select cross breed of Mandarina and Cookie. This plant will yield buds with a possess a scent reminiscent of Cream and Mandarin. With a few phenotypes being over ruled by the Mandarin this is the great hereditary qualities from which to pick a mother plant for rearing. Jaffa Cake rewards you with excellent hues and frigid pitch scope.  Type: Hybrid  Genetics: Animal Cookies x Hash plant x Mandarina

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