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By: sbart (85 month(s) ago)

I like the child-like drawings and would like to use your story for a story time. Please allow me to download The Mango, the Monkey, and the Crocodile. Thank you.

By: sran74k (113 month(s) ago)

pictures are real good allow me to download it for my daughter

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Deep in the jungle, high in the topmost branches of the tallest mango tree, a clever monkey swung playfully from vine to vine. As the monkey chattered in the early morning sunshine, he happened to notice from the corner of his eye a log gliding toward an island in the river below. Or at least he thought it was a log.


But, then, the monkey’s eyesight had never been very good. As the young monkey paused to watch the log drift by, the log suddenly changed directions and crawled onto the shore.


“Huh?” thought the startled monkey, and he climbed down the tree to get a closer look. Climbing down the tree, he lost his grip and fell. As he was falling, he regained his senses and grabbed at the bunches of leaves he passed.


“Oh, no!” thought the terrified monkey as he neared the ground. Just before he was about to hit the ground, he reached for the lowest limb on the mango tree, and as luck would have it, he caught it and hung on. “Whew!” he said to himself. “That was close.”


As the monkey climbed onto the limb, his gaze returned to the log. Only now, the log had changed into an enormous crocodile. A large, very grumpy, and extremely hungry crocodile.


The crocodile had heard that the mangoes were ripe today and he wanted one very badly. It had been years since he had eaten a juicy, tasty mango, and he was determined to have one today.


“Mmm,” said the crocodile to himself, as he remembered how delicious ripe mangos were. As he smacked his lips, his eyes were fixed on the biggest mango in the tall tree. He saw nothing else.


High in the mango tree where he had now returned, the mischievous monkey also eyed the same piece of fruit. “Aha!” thought the monkey. “I have an idea! What a perfect opportunity to play a trick on that low-account crocodile!”


Meanwhile, the crocodile inched closer and closer to the mango tree. “Uh-oh,” said the crocodile to himself. “I can’t get to that mouth-watering mango. What will I do?” Then he spied the monkey sitting in the mango tree, and thought, “A double treat today! If I am cunning enough, I can enjoy eating a tender monkey, and have a sweet mango for desert.”


The monkey, also cunning, perceived the crocodile’s problem, and quickly came up with a plan. “What fun it would be to cram a mushy mango right down that mean crocodile’s big throat. But I will have to get closer so I won’t miss.”


“Oh, Mr. Crocodile, I have a tasty treat for you. I’ve already sampled these mangoes, and I think they are the sweetest and juiciest mangoes this jungle has ever seen. Wouldn’t you like for me to give you one?”


“Why, yes indeed,” replied the crocodile. “It had crossed my mind that I might try a mango today, although I’m not sure I will like them,” he lied.


“Well, I don’t move around very well,” responded the sly monkey, not being truthful either, “but if you will move just under the lowest limb of the tree, I will hand you a mango.”


Eager to sink his teeth into the monkey and the tasty fruit, the crocodile crawled beneath the lowest limb, the very same limb that had earlier saved the monkey from hitting the ground.


“If you will reach down with the mango, monkey, I will carefully take it from your paw,” the hungry crocodile said, making his voice sound gentle so he would not frighten the young monkey. Holding the mango carefully, the monkey crept down the tree, closer and closer to the hungry crocodile.


“Mr. Crocodile, are you there?” asked the monkey, although he could see him clearly now.


“Yes, I’m just below you,” answered the crocodile, hardly able to keep from lunging at the monkey. “Come closer so I will not drop the mango as you hand it to me.”


The monkey saw the crocodile’s mouth watering, and it sent shivers down his spine. He knew that he had to be extremely cautious or he would become part of the crocodile’s meal. “Oh, Mr. Crocodile, my eyesight is so poor that I can barely see you. If you will open your mouth as wide as you can, I will be able to drop the mango right into it and not miss.”


“Yum, yum!” thought the crocodile. “This is going to be much easier than I thought. I can simply close my mouth as the monkey drops in the mango, and I will have both the monkey and the mango for a morning snack.” He opened his mouth as wide as it would open, and, of course, his eyes shut at the same time.


The monkey threw the mango as hard as he could, straight into the crocodile’s throat, and scampered halfway up the tree again.


The crocodile choked on the hard mango seed, for it was very large. He sputtered and thrashed as he tried to get the seed out of his throat. Finally, the seed came out, and the crocodile crawled to the edge of the river and pouted.


From his perch high in the mango tree, the monkey said to the crocodile, “Be careful to ask nicely for things, and always say please. If you don’t, you might get your just desserts.”


And from the muddy river bank, the crocodile replied in anger, “And if you eat your dessert first, it will spoil your appetite.”

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