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Christmas Vocabulary: 

Christmas Vocabulary December 25

Christmas Trees: 

Christmas Trees Christmas trees are popular symbols of Christmas. They are decorated with ornaments, lights, and garland. This Christmas tree has a star on top.


Ornaments Christmas ornaments are made from glass, wood, or plastic. They have hooks on top and are hung from the branches of Christmas trees.


Wreaths Wreaths are decorated with bows and ornaments and are hung on doors or above fireplaces.

Christmas Cards: 

Christmas Cards People send Christmas cards to relatives and friends.


Shopping Stores and malls are busy at Christmas. Most people start shopping for Christmas in November.


Poinsettias Poinsettias can be red, pink, or white, but red is the most popular color.


Stockings Adults fill Christmas stockings with small gifts for children.


Fireplace Christmas stockings are hung by the fireplace.

Candy Canes: 

Candy Canes Candy canes have red and white stripes, and they are shaped like canes.

Christmas Carolers: 

Christmas Carolers Christmas carols are special songs that are sung at Christmas. Some carolers go caroling from house to house on Christmas Eve or Christmas.

Gingerbread Houses: 

Gingerbread Houses Gingerbread houses look like cottages. They are decorated with icing, candy, cookies, and sprinkles.

Gingerbread Cookies: 

Gingerbread Cookies Icing is used to draw faces and clothes on gingerbread cookies.

Cookies for Santa: 

Cookies for Santa On Christmas Eve, children leave cookies and milk or hot chocolate for Santa Claus.


Reindeers Nine reindeer pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Santa’s most famous reindeer is Rudolph. Rudolph has a red nose that glows.

Santa Claus: 

Santa Claus On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus delivers presents to all the children in the world. He climbs down their chimneys while they are asleep.


Gifts Most families open their Christmas gifts on Christmas morning.

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