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ENGLCOM E-PORTFOLIO Mariel Anne P. Guy BS- Biology | 114| N01B De La Salle university - Manila

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December 4 2014 To the readers This transmittal letter is to introduce the requirements in the course English Communication. This E- Portfolio is to show you the work I have accomplished throughout the course. These works are result of the different components that equipped me with the necessary strategies in academic writing. This E-Portfolio contains all essay outputs required for ENGLCOM. It begins with the entry essay and ends with the reflective essay . The entry essay is like the starting line in a race. Both the extended definition essay and the argumentative essays are like stepping stones to the finish line which is the exit essay . Finally the reflection essay is like the awarding ceremony where thoughts and feelings about the “race” is expressed. In this course I wanted to attain the essential knowledge skills and strategies in academic reading and writing so that I may be prepared in the future. The two main highlights of this E-Portfolio are the entry and the exit essay . These two essays show the major improvements in my academic writing skills from before and after I took this course. It also shows that I have achieved the course objective which will be discussed in the following page. Thank you. T ruly yours Mariel Anne P . Guy

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ENGLCOM AND PORTFOLIO OBJECTIVES COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course ENGLCOM or ENGLISH COMMUNICATION  W riting Component aims to equip freshman students with the necessary academic reading writing and viewing skills needed to become multi-literate and autonomous learners and engaged citizens in the 21st century .    SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: On completion of the course the students are expected to be able to do the following: W rite an extended definition essay on a relevant topic. W rite a problem-solution/claim-counterclaim essay on any cultural or social issue. W rite a reflective essay about his/her realizations about academic writing and the writing process. Organize/prepare an e-portfolio that showcases student’s best works.   E-PORTFOLIO OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the e-portfolio the student should have been able to: Collect store and manage written outputs electronically Develop a sense of authorship Showcase mastery of various genres and of writing process Evaluate and reflect on writing performance holistically Monitor progress Improve understanding on oneself Recognize the gaps in one’s current knowledge and skills

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ENTRY ESSAY Dress Code Policy in De La Salle University For many women in the De La Salle University the dress code policy has always been difficult to fully obey . In this generation it has been observed that being conservative is rarely seen among teenagers and young adults. Not only are students breaking the dress code policy because they are not conservative but sometimes there are environmental conditions that affect their choices in fashion. The dress code policy limits the students especially women for traditional and religious purposes. It does not consider that there are non-religious or liberated students who want to express themselves through fashion. If not this reason some students like to dress for comfort. For example in this tropical country most women dress in shorts or sleeveless shirts to cool themselves down. While it does say in the policy that students are allowed to wear shorts or skirts but with a certain condition in length most boutiques sell shorts or skirts with lengths shorter than what is required in the De La Salle University . Actually in the pop culture clothing a such as cropped tops backless shirts and romped are what is "in" right now . As a result boutiques sell these type of clothing to of course profit. Because of such reasons most femal students in De La Salle University have broken the policy where for wearing a flip flor or wearing a slightly see-through skirt.

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ENTRY ESSAY: CONT... Like how fashion evolves the authorities in charge of the dress code policy should consider that the society is also evolving and they should at the very least put minor changes in their rules. When considering a change in the policy it is still important to respect the tradition and religion especially in such a prestigious establishment like De La Salle University . A right balance in the the policy should still be applied even if certain changes will be made. In conclusion the dress code policy should consider the student body changes while still respecting tradition religion and values. The same goes for the students students should respect the policy as well as the school where they are studying in. Even if the dress code policy restricts students especially the females it should still be respected and followed. If a change is wanted them communicating with the authorities is the right way to go about.

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: IDENTITY CRISIS Identity Crisis: A T urning Point The mirror reflects a person’s image but it cannot reflect the identity of that person. T ry standing in front of the mirror look at the reflection and ask “Who am I” Several people answer this question by stating their name or their job. However the question does not even ask “What is your name” or “What is your occupation” Most adolescents face this personal crisis wherein they ponder about their individuality and enter a crucial stage in personality development. The purpose of this essay is to define to inform and to relate readers who are experiencing the same crisis.

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: CONT… Before discussing the causes and effects of identity crisis how does a person know that he or she manifests this crisis Simply by being in a constant state of confusion with regards to role purpose or sense of self. Also researcher James Marcia explains the four identity statuses: identity achievement committing to an identity after exploring different identities moratorium exploring different identities but not committing to one foreclosure committing without exploring different identities and identity diffusion neither having identity crisis nor committing to an identity What Is an Identity Crisis n.d.. Based on an article researchers reported that people with the status of identity diffusion often feel like outsiders compared to those people who have made a commitment What Is an Identity Crisis n.d.. There are also different areas of identity crisis. One of which is time perspective. Here one feels uncomfortable living in the present situation and feels weak over one’s own future. Another area is uncertainty about oneself which describes how one finds difficulty in relating and expressing one’s identity. For role experimentation one ventures with different roles or activities but fails to understand which role or activity is the right one. To add more gender identity is the area where one feels awkward with one’s own gender while communicating with individuals of the opposite sex. Failure expectations is another type when one often expects failure as a result of the uncertainty or low confidence with one’s own work. Leadership and support states how an individual is not confident with being a leader or even a follower. Lastly in ideologies and values individuals have no stand on social philosophical or religious values When can a person have Identity Crisis n.d.. All these areas share a common factor: individuals experiencing identity crisis have low self-confidence as a result of uncertainty on one’s own identity .

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: CONT… There are a number of causes to developing an identity crisis. Erikson claims that individuals who fail to find the right identity while still be accepted by society have a difficult time becoming “emotionally mature adults” Erik Erikson and Self-Identity n.d.. Furthermore an advance cognitive development affects identity development. For instance an adolescent are better in exploring different identities when of course his or her mind is able to “think abstractly and reason logically” Socioemotional Development in Adolescence 2014. This means that individuals who are less cognitively developed have a higher chance of experiencing identity crisis. The safety of the environment where a child lives in can be a contributing factor to identity crisis when they grow into adolescents. Another cause is early childhood influences where the freedom of the child is stripped away by the parents and this creates a fear to create an own identity Socioemotional Development in Adolescence 2014. Parenting style as well is a known factor to identity crisis. Parents with high standards but lack communication with their offspring may limit the child from exploring different identities as he or she grows up Identity Development 2009. Stress can also lead to identity crisis because of the need to escape stress-causing problems. Lastly societal demands can cause confusion for example in gender roles and this leads to identity crisis.

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: CONT… Identity crisis can either have a positive or negative influence on one’s life. As written by author Mitch W asden 2011 identity initiates individuals to motivate and then to act positive effect. Thus there will be results. Also one may find one’s “real” self through exploring the different aspects of life. Through this a stronger identity can be observed. The negative effects include how personal relationships can be affected. For example a child and a parent can have a worse relationship when the child blames the parent’s parenting standards for limiting him to explore on different identities. Also identity crisis can result into low self-confidence. As mentioned earlier identity crisis is the uncertainty of oneself and this is tied with self-confidence. This is because perception of oneself affects how one feels about oneself Personal Identity n.d.. Sometimes the aftermath of experiencing an identity crisis confuses the person even more on his or her “identity .” There are a few helpful tips that have been suggested on how to handle identity crisis. A big influence on identity development is the parents of the adolescents. There are two essential concepts that help stabilize family structure. One is individuation and the other is connectedness. In individuation developing an own identity among young individuals is encouraged and supported. In connectedness a secure base is granted among youths so they can explore more on different identities Identity Formation in Adolescence 2002. This means that one way to overcome identity crisis is through a good relationship with parents. Another tip accepting that the past self is different from the present self or the future self. Taking part in activities that help lighten the mood can develop more self-confidence so doing such things is encouraged. Also making time for personal reflections or personal goals is recommended because it can deliver a more stable mind. Most of all communicating is highly because it offers support and encouragement especially from loved ones How to Overcome Identity Crisis n.d..

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: CONT… In that point in life when one faces identity crisis challenges and self-exploration will be encountered. This dilemma is a crucial situation that takes place in one’s life where it usually results positively in personality development. Hopefully this extended definition essay is able to help individuals who struggle with identity crisis and who seek information and understanding. With identity crisis defined look in the mirror again and answer the question “Who am I”

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: CONT… References: Adolescence. n.d.. Dictionary .com Unabridged. Retrieved November 26 2014 from Dictionary .com website: http:// dictionary .reference.com/browse/adolescence Boundless. Socioemotional development in adolescence. Boundless Psychology . Boundless 03 Jul. 2014. Retrieved 26 Nov . 2014 from https://www .boundless.com/psychology/textbooks/boundless-psychology-textbook/human- development-14/adolescence-73/socioemotional-development-in-adolescence-284-12819/ Brogan R. 2009 December 23. Identity development. Retrieved November 17 2014 from http://www .education.com/ reference/ article/identity-development/ Cherry K. n.d.. Could you be experiencing an identity crisis Retrieved November 17 2014 from http:// psychology .about.com/od/theoriesofpersonality/a/identitycrisis.htm When can a person have Identity Crisis n.d.. Retrieved November 17 2014 from http://www .innovateus.net/innopedia/ when-can-person-have-identity-crisis "Identity Crisis." International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. 2008. Retrieved November 26 2014 from Encyclopedia.com: http://www .encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3045301076.html

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EXTENDED DEFINITION ESSAY: CONT… McLeod S. 2008. Erik erikson. Retrieved November 26 2014 from http://www .simplypsychology .org/Erik-Erikson.html Oswalt A. n.d.. Erik erikson and self-identity C. Zupanick Ed.. Retrieved November 26 2014 from http:// www .sevencounties.org/poc/view_doc.phptypedocid41163cn1310 Perera K. n.d.. Personal identity . Retrieved November 26 2014 from http://www .more-selfesteem.com/ personal_identity_article.htm Radwan M. n.d.. Psychological identity and identity crisis. Retrieved November 17 2014 from http://www .selfgrowth.com/ articles/Psychological_Identity_and_Identity_Crisis.html Renata R. 2011 January 20. How to overcome identity crisis. Retrieved November 17 2014 from http://www .ehow .com/ how_7825139_overcome-identity-crisis.html Self-help techniques during an identity crisis. n.d.. Retrieved November 17 2014 from http://psych.answers.com/treatments/ self-help-techniques-during-an-identity-crisis W asden M. n.d.. Why an identity crisis might be just what your brain needs. Retrieved November 26 2014 from https:// hbr.org/2011/11/why-an-identity-crisis-might-b/

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: HARMFUL EFFECTS OF MINING Mining: Exploring Excavating and Refining Danger Imagine a land vast green and tranquil. Then imagine this peaceful land destructed by toxic wastes erosion and other damaging effects from mining. The industry of mining results in to economical environmental and health risks. This essay mainly talks about the negative effects of mining to the surroundings and the purpose of sources obtained online are mainly for awareness and for informing readers. Mining is the industry of extracting minerals and other geological matters like ores and coal from the earth. It involves three main processes which are exploring excavating and refining. During exploration mineral deposits are being searched out in large areas of land. In detail the land cleared out of all trees and plants that stand in the way Mining process n.d.. Next it will be surveyed then field studies must be done and test boreholes drilled Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Project EIAs n.d.. The rock materials are then mined by means of explosives and quarrying. After this the obtained materials are crushed and ground in grinding mills to decrease its size. This then leads to the next process which is the excavation of metals from the minerals. This is done by methods such as pyrometallurgy hydrometallurgy and many more. For the last step which is refining heat chemicals and electricity are used to purify the impure metal extracted from the minerals Mining process n.d..

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: CONT… The extraction of these valuable minerals and geological matters like metals serves as one of minings purposes. These materials are necessary resources to be utilized in the contraction and manufacturing industries. Besides this mining is also done for business purposes but some businesses actually mine illegally . Though some of these intentions are incorrupt mining in general has a huge effect which extends not only in our surroundings but all the way to the citizens health. The first area mining impacts is the economy . Mining is a factor of unreliable job predictions. In fact mining companies tend to overestimate job predictions from their mines Economic Impacts 2010. According to a source “the costs and profits of mining are not fairly distributed and in many cases the profits don’t live up to the costs as a result of the enormous passive social and ecological costs. The economic impact of mining n.d.” Another example on how mining affects the economy is the migration of people into areas with active mining sites Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Project EIAs n.d.. The environment is the greatest affected area of mining. It is evident how the process itself is destructive to the surroundings. For example it was stated that during exploration plants are removed from its habitat which could then result into deforestation and biodiversity loss. The pollution from chemical wastes dumped into the river affects aquatic life like during acid mine drainage and dusts or minute materials dispersed with the wind affects human health are both results of mining How does Mining Affect the Environment n.d.. To add more the water resources like rivers around mining sites are used especially for mineral extraction Minerals and the Environment n.d. and as a result water availability is affected as well. BacTech Environmental Corporation n.d. illustrates how mining impacts the ecosystem by informing readers of the increased levels and contamination of chemical toxins. They also reported that the residents near mining sites have higher health risks because of the situation. This then leads to the public health threats mining causes. A study made in 2001 Mining impacts 2010 showed how diseases such as cardiopulmonary lung and many more have higher rates among citizens residing near coal mines. As written in the Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Projects EIAs n.d. “Mining activities can suddenly affect quality of life and the physical mental and social well-being of local communties…” According to the same source there has been an increased rate in malnourishment as mining decreases food availability . All information stated above is about the effects of mining in the economy environment and the public health.

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: CONT… Although mining can pose threatening effects it is still a necessary industry since it extracts essential matters used in everyday life. Totally banning mining is not the solution to the problems it causes in various aspects. There are ways though to reduce the impacts of mining. For example to improve economic measures tax shifting can be implemented to grant incentives for practices such as product substitution and disincentives for a poor environmental effect. Another suggestion is the use of recycled materials to improve a greener environment and to lessen materials that need to be mined. The authorities can also better their regulations and enforcements on the existing rules regarding such factors What you can do to reduce Mining’s Environmental Impacts n.d.. Another source suggests “footprint reduction” where the main goal is to be able to extract the necessary materials to be mined while still leaving the waste rocks in place. The same source reports that there is an ongoing experimentation for different alternatives to the use of explosives like using electricity to break rocks off little by little Green Mining n.d.. These are the a few solutions to lessen the negative impacts of mining. The economy environment and health of the country and the citizen’s living in it are negatively affected by industries like mining. Moreover the purpose of this is essay and its sources are for information and awareness on the impacts of mining. The earth is a home that should be taken care of. If not the green lands of it will be constantly be destroyed and people’s health will also be affected.

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: CONT… References: Bose D. 2012 March 12. How does Mining Affect the Environment. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://www .buzzle.com/articles/how-does-mining-affect-the-environment.html Economic Impacts. 2010. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://www .miningtruth.org/economic- impacts/.VHsxDNxRf1o Green mining: The amazing shrinking footprint. n.d.. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http:// www .canadiangeographic.ca/ themeenvironmental_footprint/green-mining.asp Minerals and the environment. n.d.. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://www .bgs.ac.uk/ mineralsUK/mineralsY ou/mineralsEnvironment.html Mining impacts. 2010 April 15. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://www .greenpeace.org/ international/en/campaigns/climate-change/coal/Mining-impacts/

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ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: CONT… Mining process. n.d.. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://www .metso.com/corporation/ info_eng.nsf/W ebWID/WTB-070522-2256F-C9820OpenDocument.VHsyodxRf1o Overview of Mining and its Impacts. 2010. In Guidebook for Evaluating Mining Projects EIA 1st ed. pp. 3-18. USA: Environmental Law Alliance W orldwide. Saskatchewan Eco Network. n.d.. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://econet.ca/issues/ mining/whatyoucando.html The economic impact of mining. n.d.. Retrieved November 30 2014 from http://www .catapa.be/ en/mining/economic

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EXIT ESSAY: CHILD LABOR Children whether rich or poor have the right to be educated and to be nurtured into literate and knowledgable citizens. It does not matter whether the school is private or public what matters is the proper education that the students should be learning. In the Philippines though unfortunate children are forced to work instead of being schooled and this is just wrong. This is known as child labor. Child labor is the illegal employment of underaged children. Studies show that it is most common in poor households. Child labor an alarming social issue in the Philippines concerns not only the children but the parents and the government as well. This concerns parents because their children are suppose to be grasping concepts that add to their education and not working illegally for syndicates or what not. Of course illegal issues like this is one of the responsibilities of the government. Its one of their duties to effectively enforce and eliminate such acts.

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EXIT ESSAY: CONT... Although working as children is difficult some children actually volunteer to commit themselves into such labor for a few reasons. One of which is poverty a root cause to child labor. Some children want to earn an income and contribute this to help their family . Another reason is laziness to study . Many children nowadays feel lazy to attend school and they choose to work instead. These are reasons why children voluntarily work but what are the reasons why they are pushed to work W ell several parents rely and insist their children to work and earn the money for the familys expenses this still related to poverty . The parents are not able to sustain the needs of the family and they need extra help for that. Another cause is abduction by syndicates who force children to work out in the streets. At the end of the day the money the children earn they give to the syndicates. If they dont they get tortured so they really do not have a choice but to do so.

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EXIT ESSAY: CONT... There are many examples of child labor in the Philippines. The most common one is the selling of Sampaguitas candies or cigarettes out in the streets. While cars are waiting for the green light children take this opportunity to knock on the vehicles windows and offer the passengers whatever they are selling. Begging is also very common in the Philippines. Many of these children also scavenge for recyclable materials to sell for a few pesos inside garbage bags or dumpsites. Child labor is also present in the agriculture industry for the production of sugar canes fruits and vegetables and many more. Some children work in gold mining deep-sea fishing and construction industries as well. For services domestic works are especially common in young girls. They work as nannies or most commonly known as "yayas." One of the worst cases of child labor is in the production of pornography . Many children below eighteen years of age involve themselves in pornography because the pay is quite higher than what they would earn from selling or other works. W orst forms of child labor also include human trafficking and drug trafficking. Child labor is a common issue in the Philippines where children are forced to work for several reasons. Children are supposed to be educated not forced into labor because their futures are are stake. The purpose of this is essay is to inform readers about this current problem faced in the Philippines. My recommendation is to help to encourage and to be united with one another in the community so children would not be abused into forced labor.

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY Before and After ENGLCOM ENGLCOM was one of the courses I took during my second term in De La Salle University . Over the term I was able to understand concepts in academic reading and writing that I have had misconceptions of better. My literature skills were enhanced through class discussions and writing exercises provided by my two professors. One of the difficulties I found in academic writing was paraphrasing. Before I found it hard to paraphrase a text without copying some of the words originally used. Now I am better at it because I learned a tip from my professor which was to refrain looking back at the text while paraphrasing. Another misconception I had with academic writing was the purpose of an outline. Back in high school I always thought that outlining before writing an essay was useless but now I’ve learned to appreciate how helpful outlining can be. It helps organize the flow of ideas and coherence of the essay which is essential in academic writing as taught by my professors. An attention getter or a lead is one of the critical factors in essay writing. For example statistics as a hook is more proper for essays about medicine or social issues. I didn’t know that there are proper attention getters suited for specific types of essays before but through ENGLCOM I was able to write leads that matched the type of essay I was writing.

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY: CONT… The class was instructed to submit two essays for the final term: the argumentative and the extended definition essay . One of the challenges I faced on writing both essays was expounding on the subject. Looking for credible sources for my essay was quite difficult that’s why I had a hard time expounding and citing more examples regarding my topic especially in my extended definition essay . This took more perseverance and time then after I was able to accomplish both essays. It was sort of new to me to write an extended definition and an argumentative essay so that was another obstacle. What I did was to refer on my notes and apply what I had learned from my previous ENGLCOM discussions in order for me to write two proper essays. For me going back to the lessons and searching for references were enough to really help me when I struggled writing at home.

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY: CONT… The argumentative and extended definition essays were not the only outputs for this course. At the beginning of the term the class wrote an entry essay and the end of the term an exit essay was to be submitted as well. The entry and exit essay’s purpose is to show how much the students who took ENGLCOM have improved in terms of English writing. Personally I believe I have improved a lot in my academic writing. I’ve learned many important details in academic writing and actually applied these learnings in my works. For example in outlining the thesis statement in the introduction should be directly related to the closing statement in the conclusion. Another example is the emphasis an essay quality may depend on the location of the idea. The factors that contributed to my progress are my mentors classroom discussions and practice exercises. I believe I was able to achieve the ENGLCOM and portfolio objectives. I was able to submit all my requirements and have gotten decent marks from my professors. Most of all as a student in the De La Salle University I was able to gain more knowledge on a such important subject and apply this knowledge to my works inside and outside the class.

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DOCUMENTARY ANALYSIS: MEDIA LOG 1 An Opportunity to the Outstanding Ones Attention to all graduating top notchers of public high schools. Jeanette I. Andrade states that DepEd secretary Armin Luisitro has declared that all public high school students with exceptional performances can be granted full college scholarships. The Kabayan T en Outstanding Public School Students TOPS awards is rewarding these scholarships to the student candidates they will be accepting. Also the rewards will be sponsored by DepEd the Kabayan Noli De Castro Foundation Inc. and SM Foundation Inc.

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MEDIA LOG 1: CONT... The theme of TOPS is "Edukasyon Tugon sa Hamon Ng Kahirapan Education the Answer to Poverty." TOPS intends to acknowledge the less fortunate but worthy students. According to Luisitro it is also a way "to encourage the Filipino youth to lead the way towards genuine public service." To add more the Kabayam Academic Excellence and the Kabayan Exemplary Leadership will select four students from each category who have shown great characteristics of a true leader. The awards will choose the four winners from Luzon Visayas Mindanao and the National Capital Region. Another two hard working students will be chosen by the national search committee for the Kabayan Special Achievement Award. In order to qualify for any of the awards the public high school students must meet retain standards first. The student must be a graduating public high school student not more than twenty-five years old have a righteous and a good reputation inside and outside school. The parents of the student must have a combined income not exceeding one hundred fifty thousand pesos. Unfortunately if one of the conditions is not met the student will not be able to qualify as a candidate for the scholarship award. The deadline for school level entries is on. November 14 2014 while the submission of nominations to the DeoEd office is onDecmber 19 2014. Furthermore the final judging is from January 12 to February 6 of 2015.

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MEDIA LOG 1: CONT... References: Andrade J.I. 2014. Top poor public high school grads to get shot at college. Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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DOCUMENTARY ANALYSIS: MEDIA LOG 2 Media: How it Afects a W oman’s View on Her Body Image From a scale of one to ten with one being the lowest and ten the highest how satisfied are you with your body Authors Kate Fox Marcela Rojas and many more describe the effects of media on one’s body image. All their articles share one thing: how media is a negative cause on one’s view with one’s body . One of the effects media has on body image is body dissatisfaction. Many individuals especially women are becoming more dissatisfied with their body . According to Fox eight out of ten women who were influenced by magazines advertisements- generally media are unhappy with their appearance while men are more likely to either be pleased or indifferent with their reflection. Another notion media has affected is the ideal beauty standards of women. Based on Kasey L. Selar’s article on “Female Body Image and the Mass Media: Perspectives on How W omen Internalize the Ideal Beauty Standard” the media illustrates the unrealistic standards in beauty such that females who are more exposed to television programs are reportedly more insecure about their body image. An example of this unattainable ideal standard is the “ultra-thin” standard commonly portrayed by models or actresses in advertisements and television. In fact Selar also states that most models are about twenty percent below the normal body weight. Also Fox concludes that only less than five percent of women are able to achieve the current media ideal of thinness.

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MEDIA LOG 2: CONT… These images depicted by the popular media have a huge and negative impact on women. Its effects range from buying beauty products to eating disorders. The lesser evil that media influences its audience is to persuade them to buy beauty or diet products. But one of the greater effects media has on young women is the significant loss in self-esteem. Particularly a survey conducted in 2009 showed how half of girls aged sixteen to twenty-one who would willingly go under the knife just to improve their looks this shows how these young ladies have a very low self-esteem. Dieting is another result of always being exposed to media. Joan Kilbourne a media activist said that “W omen are sold to the diet industry by the magazines we read and the television programs we watch almost all of which makes us feel anxious about out weight.” What’s worse is how media adds as a cause to eating disorders. Rojas shares how social media sites like Facebook Twitter and Instagram have surprising pictures along with surprising captions like “Pretty girls don’t eat” and “Skip dinner be thinner.” Rojas also states that such media sites encourage users to “support one another’s self-destructive behaviors through shared tips and tricks - and promote the notion that an eating disorder is a lifestyle choice not a serious mental illness.” Again media is still a factor to affect one’s body image especially in the female population. The purpose of the articles by the mentioned authors is purely for awareness. An advice that I would like to give is to not believe everything that is seen. I would also like to encourage individuals to learn to love their bodies even if it would take some time. Being comfortable in one’s own skin can really give a certain glow that is admirable in everyone’s eyes.

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MEDIA LOG 2: CONT… References: Eating Disorders and the Media - Celebrity Influence on Body Image - Rader Programs. n.d.. Retrieved October 28 2014 from http://www.raderprograms.com/causes-statistics/media-eating-disorders.html Fox K. 1997. Mirror mirror: A summary of research findings on body image. Social Issues Research Centre. Retrieved October 28 2014 from http://www.http.com//www.sirc.org/publik/mirror.html MediaSmarts. n.d.. Retrieved October 28 2014 from http://mediasmarts.ca/body-image/body-image- advertising-and-magazines MediaSmarts. n.d.. Retrieved October 28 2014 from http://mediasmarts.ca/body-image/body-image-girls Rojas M. 2014. Social media helps fuel some eating disorders. The Westchester County N.Y. Journal News. Retrieved October 28 2014 from http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/06/01/social- media-helps-fuel-eating-disorders/9817513 Serdar K. n.d.. Female body image and the mass media: Perspectives on how women internalize the ideal beauty standards. The Myriad: Westministers Undergraduate Academic Journal. Retrieved October 28 2014 from http://www.westminstercollege.edu/myriad/index.cfmparent...detail4475content4795

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DOCUMENTARY ANALYSIS: MEDIA LOG 3 Racism in Advertisements In an ad released by Intel shows six black runners bowing down to a white business man in the middle of his office. Above the man is a caption that says “multiply computing performance and maximize the power of your employees.” Stating the obvious this advertisement shows discrimination to black people. There are more of these racist advertisements shown by media through commercials billboard ads and many more. The purpose of this essay is for awareness against racism issues in media. According to the Merriam W ebster Dictionary racism is defined with two meanings. Its first definition is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherit superiority of a particular race.” Its second definition is “racial prejudice or discrimination.” Racism isn’t something new in society but instead of preventing it it is promoted through media. In particular advertisements shown in commercials magazines and billboards. There are several examples of the racial discrimination in advertisements. For instance a Dove body wash ad shows a black biracial and white woman respectively standing in front of an unclean image before and a clean image after.

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MEDIA LOG 3: CONT… Of course the ad portrayed the black woman standing in front of the unclean skin while the white woman was standing in front of the clean skin. In a commercial for Emobile a Japanese mobile phone company a monkey in an election campaign with the same slogan used by president Barack Obama. According to author Vicky B. racism will always exist whether subtly or blatantly . These advertisements are already wrong for judging individuals based on their race but these advertisements make the issue worse by promoting and encouraging it. The purpose of this essay is for awareness. Since it has been stated that racism will always be there my only recommendation is to try and treat others equally . Without equal treatment many people will feel hurt just because some people think that being born with a different skin color is wrong when it is not.

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MEDIA LOG 3: CONT… References: Racism. n.d.. Retrieved November 9 2014 from http://www .merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ racism. Racism In Advertising. n.d.. Retrieved November 9 2014 from http:// www .understandmedia.com/journals-a-publications/sjrgm/47-sjrgm-vol-1- summer-2013/190-racism-in-advertising 9 Racist Ads Commercials That Promote Negative Images of Black People - Atlanta Blackstar. n.d.. Retrieved November 9 2014 from http://atlantablackstar.com/2013/11/19/9-racist- ads-commercials-that-promote-negative-images-of-black-people/

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AUTHOR’S BIONOTE My name is Mariel Anne P . Guy . I enjoy watching movies indulging on food and shopping and spending time with my loved ones. Being able to study at the De La Salle University is such an honor. I major in BS Biology . So far my education in this prestigious institution has been good. To be honest I rarely use my free time reading nor writing but ENGLCOM is a class where I can practice both. I am grateful to have gained more knowledge on academic reading and writing because I know these skills are essential all throughout my stay in DLSU.

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