how to make a sandwich

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Visual demonstration of making a sandwich


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Cooking Class 101: How to make a sandwich:

1 Cooking Class 101: How to make a sandwich Marie Keenan October 3, 2005

Today’s Topics:

Marie Keenan 2 Today’s Topics The list The tools The extras The process

Shopping List:

Marie Keenan 3 Shopping List Lettuce Tomatoes Bread Roast Beef Swiss Cheese Macaroni Salad Chips Olives Pickles Dijonaisse Paper Plates Toothpicks Soda

Tools needed:

Marie Keenan 4 Tools needed

Side dishes & garnishes:

Marie Keenan 5 Side dishes & garnishes

The Process:

Marie Keenan 6 The Process

Slide 7:

Marie Keenan 7

Continued Good Health! :

Marie Keenan 8 Continued Good Health!

Slide 9:

Marie Keenan 9

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