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My E-porfolio:

My E-porfolio Hello,im Maricel Gonzales and im 14 years old.Im still studiying at Bangkal High School in Makati City.Im also a loving and caring daugther to my family not only to my family but also in my relatives.

Im Friendly =)):

Im Friendly =)) This is my friend and me we have a lot of bonding each other. We have a lot of happy memories. Since we are in grade seven we always goto park, sometimes in Mall and im happy sharing and laughing with them. Untill now were still friends.

Good Daughter :

Good Daughter This is my Family were complete, were happy and were enjoying what we have. Yeah!

Food Lovers ^_^ :

Food Lovers ^_^ Dont judge me i really like to eat. Im not fat but really like to eat all the time. ^_^


Summarry The soul of the great bell "The Soul of the Great Bell" is about the daughter of a Chinese bell maker. She wants the casting of the Great Bell to be flawless for the emperor so she makes a great and noble sacrifice.


Summarry The Aged Mother A short summary of "The Story of the Aged Mother" is: A degree was given by a wicked ruler to put to death all old people. A poor farmer took his aged mother up a mountain to obey the degree, but could not. He brought his mother down the mountain and hid her. The wicked ruler demanded that a twisted straw rope be made. It was the aged mother who told how to make the rope. The son told the governor the story and the degree was abolished.

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