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Its All Politics : 

Its All Politics Winning in a World Where Hard Work and Talent Aren’t Enough

Politics is not a Spectator Sport: 

Politics is not a Spectator Sport Politics is what makes all the difference with regard to success Positioning ideas Knowing what to say

The Questions!: 

The Questions! Can you effectively influence and manage people’s perception of you and your ideas? Are you able to convert enemies into allies? Can you manage outcomes long before they’re in sight? Do your ideas get a fair hearing? Do you know when and how to present them? Are you in the loop?

Politics more difficult than Physics?: 

Politics more difficult than Physics? Academic settings disregard instruction in politics! Being in touch with what is going around you Effectively communicate to align goals with those in power

Intuition and political Success: 

Intuition and political Success Intuition = seeing more and farther ahead than others Being able to effectively respond to what is seen

Political Acumen: 

Political Acumen Primarily learned from observation Practice, practice and practice!

How politically adept is this student?: 

How politically adept is this student? Good afternoon sir,   I was just wondering if you would plesae explain to me how it is that my grade went from a B to an F when I've only missed one assignment and it was 10 points. Wouldn't that drop my grade to a C?  Is the grade we are seeing the grade we got on our last assignment of overall? If it is overall or so far, then the F isn't justified! Please let me know. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


The answer to your question can be arrived at by doing a little math. The grade book is giving you the average of completed/missed assignments. So if you add the three assignments issued, in your case you get 100 + 75 + 0 = 175 total points. Then divide by 3 = 58.33%. Second, the assignment was not worth 10 points, but 100. So yes, the overall grade based on the assignments issued to date is 58.33. Once again, Quizlab averages your grade based on the assignments issued and the scores you have achieved. Thus, 3 assignments given, two completed, equals what the score states. Your final course grade will be decided in the same manner.   Your use of exclamation points in your email gives it an aggressive overtone and implies you are experiencing some frustration. If you would like for me to go over what I have just written to you in person, please feel free to stop by my office. I particularly encourage this when there are grade issues so there is no misunderstanding and so I can more effectively address any concerns you may have. For now, my only suggestions to simply complete the assignments issued and to keep in mind that it is your overall grade to date is based only on assignments issued. Clearly, it is not you final course grade since there are still 8 assignments that need to be completed. 

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