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v good presentation

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Exercise for Healthy Living: 

Exercise for Healthy Living By: Andie Cohee Kesline Beaucejour Chris Fernandez Evan Leary


Exercise Many people have done exercises when they don’t even know it. Walking to the park and having races for who gets to the playground first is exercising! It may surprise you when you find out the little things that you do everyday are the exercises that help your body.

What is exercise?: 

What is exercise? Exercise is something you do with your body and muscles Exercise is a combination of qualities that allow a person to perform well in vigorous physical activities Activities that train or improves the body or the mind

There are many exercises that can help your body grow strong and be strong.: 

There are many exercises that can help your body grow strong and be strong. Walking Running Jumping Bowling Sprinting Jumping Jacks Cheer Leading Double Dutch Volley Ball Skiing Swimming Basketball Cross-Country Racing Push-Ups

Helpful Hints on Exercising: 

Helpful Hints on Exercising Walking, running and step climbing are the best exercises to help your legs Walking for 30-60 minutes Running 1mile each day Walking up and down the steps for 20-30 minutes All are good exercises for our lower bodies.

How can exercise help?: 

How can exercise help? Exercise helps stress go away The heart and other parts of the body enjoy exercise Exercise keeps your heart healthy Exercise keeps your muscles strong Exercise can keep you happy

Can parents help?: 

Can parents help? Of course! Parents, instead of letting your kid sit around watch TV or play electronic games, tell them to: Walk Swim Bike ride Help you clean Play a game with you Play basket ball with you

Ask a Professional: 

Ask a Professional Mrs. Roberta Rogers Lulu Ross School Nurse


“Yoga is a wonderful exercise for stretching your muscles and keeping your muscles flexible. It can make pain go away easily.” “Yoga once helped my friend lose her back pain.” Quoted by Mrs. Rogers, School Nurse

The end of our Presentation!: 

The end of our Presentation! Wrapping Exercise Up! Now that you have learned many things about our Power Point Presentation on Exercise we hope that you have learned many things like what exercise is, different exercises, how parents can help, and how exercise helps you. NOW GO EXERCISE!

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