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POWA (The Poor Orphan Widow & Alien mission) seek to do good. WE aim to aid the above mentioned class of people in our communities. To help them become independent by providing the necessities relating to and enabling these individuals to access and maintain themselves as equitable productive members of society. Powering candidates to education, health & dental care, and humane - Impact lives


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POWAmb1@gmail.com 754-422-2453 This chair is broken Will you help me? NEED- New Motorized Wheel Chair “ “My Name is Ernesto” 1 http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575

http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575 :

http :// igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575 POWAmb1@gmail.com MY Brief Biography ( Ernesto ) 9/7/12) I was born handicapped: Unable to walk, and I stand with a walker; bathroom activities are very difficult, but I try to be as independent as possible. Without a W/C my life is most challenging- please help me. As a ward of my older sister (who is sick) makes life even more difficult. Two years ago I started school- First time ever . Help me- please donate!

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“At GARAGE SALE my Church friend held for me. NO-ONE Showed: IT was JAMAICA’s (WI) 50 th independence anniversary .” POWAmb1@gmail.com http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575

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POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM “Enjoying Game of Dominos & Entertainment” http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575

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Looking to see Usain Bolt, when I go to the park in my new motorized chair  www. POWAmobile . org 754-422-2453 POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM With My Dog Toby http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575


POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM I need some Wheels ! Help me get a new motorized Chair- omit the red bag. It clashes with my outfits. Looks good on parrot  Sgn. Ernesto http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575


! http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575 Say C-h- e –e- e- e-s- e Toby!! POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM


*POWAmb1@gmail.Com * Church members here help me with clothing; food; transportation fee. * Entering my Church- then Broken Chair: I need a new one! Chair *http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575

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“Good news, I just received a movie offer.!” I wonder who I am starring as- Maybe Denzel Washington? LOL” POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575

Please Donate for my Wheel-Chair: Blessings:

Please Donate for my Wheel-Chair: Blessings Miami Seaquarium . Psst ! Give extra to buy a bone for my barking friend! http://igg.me/p/215266?a=1383575

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