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PowerPoint Presentation: 754-422-2453 http://www.------ This chair is broken Will you help me? NEED- New Motorized Wheel Chair! “My Name is Ernesto” 1

PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.----------- MY Brief Biography ( Ernesto ) 9/7/12) I was born handicapped: Unable to walk, and I stand with a walker; bathroom activities are very difficult, but I try to be as independent as possible. Without a W/C my life is most challenging- please help me. As a ward of my older sister (who is sick) makes life even more difficult. Two years ago I started school- First time ever. Help me continue doing so- please donate. “ Persons with a disability are likely to have limited opportunities to earn income and often have increased medical expenses” (American Psychological Association)

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“At GARAGE SALE my Churcg h friend held for me. NO-ONE Showed: IT was JAMAICA’s (WI) 50 th independence anniversary and ‘YARDIES’ were celebrating the occasion “ http://www . -------

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POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM http://www.---- “Enjoying a Game of Dominos & Entertainment”

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My favorite pet is a talking parrot. Toby is not jealous, he knows I love him too. Looking forward to driving to the park in my new electric chair Sounds like Usain Bolt Just flashed past  www. POWAmobile . org 754-422-2453 POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM http://www.----------- With My Dog Toby

My Favorite Bird on Wheels & her Friend:

http://www.------ My Favorite Bird on Wheels & her Friend I need some wheels too . Help me get a new motorized Chair- please omit the red bag. It clashes with my outfits anyway. Looks good on parrot  Sgn. Ernesto


! http://www.----------- Say C-h- e –e- e- e-s- e Toby!! P O W A M B 1 @ G M A I L . C O M

POWA mission: http://www.---------------:

POWA mission: http://www.--------------- * Church members here help me with clothing, food, and weekly transportation fee. * Entering my Church- then This Chair is broken I need a new one!

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“Good news, I just received a movie offer.!” I wonder who I am starring as- Maybe Denzel Washington? LOL” POWAmb1@GMAIL.CO M /http----------

Please Donate for my Wheel-Chair: Blessings:

Please Donate for my Wheel-Chair: Blessings Miami Seaquarium . Psst ! Give extra for me to buy a bone for my barking friend! @ http://www.----- POWAmb1@GMAIL.COM

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