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Unit 4: Residency:

Unit 4: Residency

Unit 4 Outline:

Unit 4 Outline Emergency Medical Equipment Full List Skills Tests Full List References/Image Citations

Emergency Medical Equipment: Full List:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Full List

Emergency Medical Equipment: Trauma Supplies:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Trauma Supplies Hydrogen peroxide Triangular bandages Eye covers Vaseline gauze 4x4 Sterile, box Cold packs Hot packs 5x9 Dressing 8x10 Dressing 4x4 non sterile, bag Nose clamps Kerlix Sam Splints Irrigation saline bottles Burn sheets Trauma dressings Personal protection kits TB masks Sm. Med. Lg. Gloves--Small, Med, Large, Extra-large Sterile gloves--Small, Medium, Large

Emergency Medical Equipment: Action Area:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Action Area Tape 1 inch Tape 2 inch Tourniquets Nail polish remover Iodine prep pads Alcohol prep pads KY Lubricant Lancets Bite stick Ammonia caps Band-Aids Box 4x4, non sterile Hand rinse jell Emesis bags Trauma Shears Penlight O2 Regulator Ring cutter Stethoscope Nose clamp

Emergency Medical Equipment: Storage Area or Under Bench Seat:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Storage Area or Under Bench Seat KED Traction Splint Scoop Backboards Universal C-Collars C-Collars baby, Peds Disposable Spider Straps Head blocks Restraints

Emergency Medical Equipment: On Bench Seat:

Emergency Medical Equipment: On Bench Seat Sharps container LG Adult BP cuffs Kleenex

Emergency Medical Equipment: Cot:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Cot Cot sheet Pillow Lateral draw sheet Blanket Cot straps with shoulder harness Portable O2 with Regulator

Emergency Medical Equipment: Main Compartment:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Main Compartment Small Sharps Container Multi-Trauma dressing Triangular Bandage Kerlix 5x9 dressing 8x10 dressing 4x4 dressing BVM with mask Adult NRB Adult Nasal Cannula Adult EtCO2 Cannula Adult Nebulizer

Emergency Medical Equipment: Intubation Pocket:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Intubation Pocket Oral Pharyngeal Airway Kit Nasal Pharyngeal Airway Kit KY Lubricant Combi -tube

Emergency Medical Equipment: Oxygen Compartment:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Oxygen Compartment Large house O2 House O2 wrench Suction canister O2 Bottle (portable) O2 Regulator on Portable tank

Emergency Medical Equipment: Oxygen Delivery:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Oxygen Delivery Adult Non-Rebreather Mask Adult Nasal Cannula Pediatric Non-Rebreather Mask Pediatric Nasal Cannula Nebulizer Hand Held set ET - nebulizer adapter Pedi SpO2 Sensors EtCO2 Cannula Pediatric nebulizer

Emergency Medical Equipment: Airway Supplies:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Airway Supplies Oral Pharyngeal Set Nasal Pharyngeal Set Adult Bag-Valve Mask Peds BVM, with both infant/ Peds masks Neonatal BVM

Emergency Medical Equipment: Cardiac Monitoring:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Cardiac Monitoring AED (BLS Units) Razors Bottle ASA

Emergency Medical Equipment: Suction:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Suction In House Suction System Bulb suction Portable Suction Device Suction tubing Suction tips Suction catheters 5fr, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

Emergency Medical Equipment: Medications:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Medications Albuterol Aspirin Benadryl Epi 1 : 1,000 1 mg Epi 1 : 10,000 Glucose(Oral) Neo Synephrine Spray Pediatric Arm Board Bottle ASA 81mg tabs Oral Glucose

Emergency Medical Equipment: Miscellaneous Supplies:

Emergency Medical Equipment: Miscellaneous Supplies Pediatric Stethoscope Child BP Cuff

Skills Tests: 27 Required Skills:

Skills Tests: 27 Required Skills

Skills: 27 Skills Tests:

Skills: 27 Skills Tests Airway Management Bleeding Control / Shock Management BVM Ventilation of an Apneic Adult Patient Cardiac Arrest Management / AED Joint Immobilization Long Bone Immobilization Oxygen Administration by Non-Rebreather Mask

Skills: 27 Skills Tests:

Skills: 27 Skills Tests Patient Assessment / Management – Medical Patient Assessment / Management – Trauma Spine Immobilization (Supine Patient) Application of a Constricting Band Cervical Spine Immobilization – Kedrick Device Cervical Immobilization – Spine Board Chest Pain and Chest Wounds

Skills: 27 Skills Tests:

Skills: 27 Skills Tests Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 2 – Rescuer, Adult Victim Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1 – Rescuer, Adult Victim Fractures Helmet Removal Neurological Examination Primary Survey

Skills: 27 Skills Tests:

Skills: 27 Skills Tests Restraint of a Violent Patient Secondary Survey Straightening an Angulated Long Bone Fracture Treatment and Immobilization of Dislocated Shoulder Treatment and Monitoring of an Unconscious Patient Treatment of Extremity Bleeding

Message to the Students:

Message to the Students “With many years in the fields of both Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine and being blessed to be at the forefront of both areas of medicine including Event Medicine, I would like to thank all those – too many to count – that have mentored me, stood by me, worked for me, and walked along side me throughout the years. Many medical professionals have worked long and hard for the better of their professions and to pave a way for future students. I hope that the students do not forget those who have sacrificed countless hours to the betterment of their profession .”


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Image Citations:

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