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GIS : Introduction and Application for Environmental Health Studies Alan Willmore Senior Statistical Systems Officer Centre for Epidemiology and Research New South Wales Health Department


Overview GIS – an introduction GIS applications for environmental health


Geographic Information System GIS handles SPATIAL information Information referenced by its location GIS makes connections based on spatial proximity Maps are just one product of a GIS A way to visualise analysis The objective: to improve decision making What is GIS ?


GIS - a formal definition “A system for capturing, storing, checking, integrating, manipulating, analysing and displaying data which are spatially referenced to the Earth. This is normally considered to involve a spatially referenced computer database and appropriate applications software” Chorley Report, 1987


GIS concepts are not new ! London cholera epidemic - 1854 +


GIS components Applications ? G I S Spatial data Computer hardware / software tools


What makes data spatial ? Place name Postcode Distance & bearing Description


Categories of spatial data Point GPS Street address Soil sample grid Line / Polyline AHS boundary Postcode boundary Road centreline Raster Aerial photograph Landsat-7 satellite imagery DEM


Resolution of spatial data Scale is important 1:100,000 means 1cm = 1 kilometre Spatial resolution refers to the relative accuracy or precision of spatial data E.g. Landsat-7 satellite images have 30 metre cells


GIS Software MapInfo Professional (demo) Vertical Mapper ESRI ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Geostatistical Analyst Manifold GRASS Free open source PostGIS Free open source


Summary GIS handles SPATIAL information GIS is a valuable tool for managing and analysing environmental health datasets Don’t underestimate the time involved in obtaining data in the form you need Similar for learning how to use a GIS software package

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