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In the Tudor period people would have lived in timber framed houses. The size and quality of the building would have depended on the wealth of the family.


Wood was plentiful and most houses and furniture were wooden. Oak was the most used wood as it took much longer to rot. The wooden beams were joined using pegs and each wall was pulled into place by teams of men with ropes. Once the frame was erected, the gaps were filled with wattle and daub (twigs covered in a mud and dung plaster.) The roof would have been thatched with straw.


Poor families would have had a straw mattress to sleep on and a pot to cook their meals in. The amount of furniture you had depended on your wealth. Rich families would have had stools, a table, an armchair and the very lucky a bed to sleep in.


Henry VIII ruled England from 1509 to 1547. As a member of royalty he wouldn’t have lived in a timber framed house. The King would have spent huge amounts of money on extraordinary palaces.


Hampton Court was an amazing palace built for Thomas Wolsey who was the Cardinal to Henry VIII.

How did Henry come to own Hampton Court?: 

Thomas Wolsey owned Hampton Court Palace Wolsey was worried that his home might be to grand therefore insulting the King. Ouch! How did Henry come to own Hampton Court? Wolsey was terrified that he might lose his head. So in 1524 Wolsey gave Hampton court to the King as a present.


Hampton Court was lavishly designed and was used for entertaining rich ambassadors and royalty. Take a step back in history to look around this amazing Palace.


Anne Boleyn was Henry’s second wife. Unfortunately she passed under the gate for the last time…. To have her head chopped off at the Tower of London Ouch!


This room was beautifully decorated with portraits hanging from the walls.


In this room the walls drip with guns, swords and armour. Up to 3,000 pieces hang from these walls.


Queen Anne’s bedroom can be found with lavish decorations and beautiful oil paintings hanging from the walls.


That’s it for the tour but if you still want to know more about Tudor houses or Hampton Court Palace, try the links below. Pictures Hampton Court The Tudors

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